13 Team-Approved Reasons to Spend More Moola

Itching to spend your hard-earned dough? Chris, Paige, and I have dropped our dollar bills on these these tried and true items. We’ve tested them out so you don’t have to. Shop away if your bank account permits!

[title subtitle=”You Know You Want To”]Treat Yo Self[/title] Itching to spend your hard-earned dough? Chris, Paige, and I have dropped our dollar bills on these these tried and true items. We’ve tested them out so you don’t have to.

Shop away if your bank account permits!

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[title subtitle=”Things that get us through the day”]Lifestyle[/title]



PAULA: “I’m a huge fan of Everlane, especially the price transparency model the company stands behind. I’ve had their Slim Zip wallet for almost 3 years now—a record considering how quickly I go through my small leather goods. Still looks awfully new, doesn’t it? I recently bought their Modern Snap Back Backpack to use instead of my regular shoulder bags. It fits my 13-inch MacBook Pro, agenda, and cycling shoes rather nicely with room to spare.

After three months, it’s safe to say that I am as in love with my Jawbone Up as much as I was when I first bought it. The sleek fitness tracker has helped me monitor my steps, heart rate, and sleeping habits. Overall, it has served as a stellar fitness companion.”

PAIGE: “I was eating this vegan kale caesar salad when we were shooting. It ended up in the photo because I’ve been having the same meal throughout midterms—roughly 7 days. C’mon, shiitake mushrooms that taste like bacon bits? Next level shit.”


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[title subtitle=”Products we haul everywhere”]Beauty[/title]



PAULA: “Now that I’m obsessed if not slightly paranoid with skincare, I’ve made it my mission to avoid getting sunspots and other unnecessary blemishes. As a result, I’ve gravitated towards sunless tanning products that can help me fake a sun-kissed glow. I came across James Read in my quest to find the perfect, super-easy-to-use solution to my pale skin woes. Their face and body products are made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. How amazing is that?

Lano lips is an Australian beauty company that swears by the magical healing and hydrating properties of lanolin. After using their 101 Ointment to help heal a scrape on my upper lip from that one unfortunate time I accidentally fell on my face, I can say this product truly works wonders. Best of all, the products are for sale at a super affordable price point.

For someone whose dewey makeup can get too dewey halfway through the day, I’ve found Too Cool For School’s Dear Brachisuarous Blotting Paper to be super helpful at minimizing the oily sheen around my t-zone area.”

PAIGE: “I read about this lip mask online and ordered it from Amazon. It comes with the cutest applicator brush. I put it on every night and wake up with soft, plump lips. My friends realized how high maintenance I really am when I brought it on the plane with me when we went to Europe.”


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[title subtitle=”(and accessories) Chris Swears by”]Clothes[/title]



CHRIS: “I love this Calvin Klein tee not only because the ‘C’ and ‘K’ serve as a nod to my initials, but because it’s also a graphic tee that pairs well with everything. I just love how it goes so well with black jeans, blue jeans, and anything really.

Lately, I’ve been relying on this Adidas hair band. Because I’ve been going to spin class everyday, this band, with its rubberized inside, does an amazing job keeping my very long hair out of my face.”


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