3 Investment Pieces Worth the Splurge

If you had to pick one thing that changed your life this month, what would it be?

If you had to pick one thing that changed your life this month, what would it be?

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Three months in and I’m still quite committed to the whole New Year, new you craze. Single and very much focused on myself, I’ve taken a fond liking to cardio—the most recent type being cycling. As a result, I’ve tried out a handful of cycling bikes and boutiques across the city.

In terms of bikes, atmosphere, and instructors, Flywheel truly won my heart. Their bikes have monitors to record your torq, speakers and music to really give it that club-y vibe, and Emily Burkhardt—the, hands down, coolest and the most energetic instructor you’ll ever meet.

While most places let you rent cycling shoes (Flywheel lends them to you for free), I invested in my own pair because it is cheaper and more hygienic in the long run. Most boutiques have bikes that are delta cleat-accessible, but I’d call them to make sure. I got my cleats fitted professionally because I wanted everything to sit right. If you’re a pro or more of a DIY kind of gal, you go ahead and screw them on yourself!

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Chanel ballet flats are seriously worth the investment. The two-tone style is such a classic. Coco Chanel loved two-toned shoes because the tan part elongates the leg and the black tip protects visible scuffs and makes the foot look more petite. Cute, right?

It took a couple of wears for the flats to stretch out and warm up to my feet but they’re really comfy now. I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for an investment piece.

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This Saint Laurent cardholder was a big investment for me. I normally don’t buy things like this but I owned a really think wallet and carried a ton of things I don’t normally need. I wanted to cut back on the hoarding—like the way I should with my Easter candy. It was a little on the pricier side but I work super hard and I think it’s important to treat yourself. Every time I fish for it in my pocket, I am reminded to do just that.

I almost got the smooth finish but I decided to go with the pebbled leather because I figured it would scratch less. The pebbling also gave it a nice texture. Of course, I very much recommend it if you’re on the hunt for a new cardholder.

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