Monday Mania: April 11

Under Eye Makeup Cues From the Pros // RACKEDThe Sorority Times Are A-Changin’ (Hint: Your Brain Is the Ticket In) // NY TIMES Everything You Need to Know About LA’s New Birth Control Law // LA TIMES

the News at Noon

Welcome to the News at Noon, our daily round-up of what we’re reading from around the web shared everyday around lunchtime.  We’re also throwing in a dope quote on the daily because, why not?  Leave your favorite articles and quotes in the comments!



“What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.

Remember that.”




Under Eye Makeup Cues From the Pros // RACKED

The Sorority Times Are A-Changin’ (Hint: Your Brain Is the Ticket In) // NY TIMES

Everything You Need to Know About LA’s New Birth Control Law // LA TIMES

Who Doesn’t Want This Off-The-Shoulder Top? // ZARA

The Story Behind Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T // ELLE

Is Moving Forward Allowing Your Self to Take a Step Back? // MODERN LOVE

These Highlighting Powders Are Ace // BYRDIE

MTV Movie Award’s Best Dressed // WHOWHATWEAR

The Woman Who Turned the Mastermind of the Paris Attacks In // WASHINGTON POST

Smoke Pot the Right Way, Okay? // VICE

Start Here If You Need to Catch up on the 2016 Presidential Election // VOX


Happy Monday!


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