[title subtitle=”Don’t give the cold shoulder to this trend”]Peek-a-boo décolletés[/title]

Wave goodbye to the winter chill and say hello to the oh-so-missed sunshine that has finally returned with the arrival of spring. Oh, and shrug off those sleeves while you’re at it!

That’s right, party people, this week’s trend is all about the shoulder. I want to personally help you complete your wardrobe with a perfect off-the-shoulder top.

A 2016 must-have, this trend has been making its rounds across magazines—both print and online. And, quite frankly, I’ve fallen prey. In the past month alone, I’ve managed to rack up a few off-the-shoulder blouses and I’m on a mission to buy more. You see, I’m in this I-don’t-care-what-people-think phase and I say off-the-shoulder tops are here to stay. I mean, the style not only flatters your collar and shoulder bones, but it also hides all the nasty sweat stains you may or may not accumulate at brunch in the sun.

Pair them with denim cut-offs, flown trousers, or even a skirt! Browse below for my favorites. Trust me, shoulders are very in.

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