Tuesday Talk: April 26


the News at Noon

Welcome to the News at Noon, our daily round-up of what we’re reading from around the web shared everyday around lunchtime.  We’re also throwing in a dope quote on the daily because, why not?  Leave your favorite articles and quotes in the comments!



“Don’t get mad.

Get everything.”




Why Running ‘Clears the Mind’ According to Neuroscientists // NY MAG

Ms. Juicy: Queen of Atlanta // BROADLY

President Obama Is Sending 250 More Military Personnel to Syria to Help Local Forces Fight the Islamic State// NY TIMES

Manus X Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology Hosted by André Leon Talley // VOGUE

President Xi JinPing Is Remaking China’s Military // WSJ

India’s Homeless Children Are Choosing to Live Along Kolkata’s Busy Train Tracks // VICE

These Crazy Awesome Floating Villas Exist IRL // HUFF POST

Yes, You Can Now Charge Your Phone with Photosynthesis // INDIEGOGO

“Tell me,” she said after we were settled. “Are you homosexual?”// MODERN LOVE

Here’s Why This Woman Never Changed the Name Her Abusive Father Gave Her // ELLE


Happy Tuesday!


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