[title subtitle=”…until now”]Things you didn’t even know you needed[/title]

I like my money where I can see it… hanging in my closet.

–Carrie Bradshaw

Dreary weather got you down? Well, that’s nothing a little retail therapy can’t fix. Here are some of the team’s top picks:

[title subtitle=””]Home[/title]


PAIGE:My cousin is a big reader. It’s something I’ve always admired about her. In continuing my New Year’s Resolution (to be an all around more awesome person), I went to The Strand with her list of must-read books. Franny and Zooey, a compilation of two short stories about a brother, Franny, and his sister, Zoey, happened to be on that list. While Zooey is going through a weird spiritual breakdown, Franny does his best to help her find her way.

The vegan Hostess cupcake, on the other hand, rightfully dubbed ‘Chlostess’ by its makers at By Chole, is the absolute highlight of my week.”

CHRIS:This phone case is so dope. It doesn’t make the phone too bulky and the texture has a nice grip. And, it’s simple enough that it still looks professional.

The Lacoste keychain was a gift from my nana. I always think about her and am reminded to call her whenever I fish for them.”

[title subtitle=””]Beauty[/title]


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PAULA: “I usually gravitate towards the Asian dewey makeup look. The Dinoplatz line by Too Cool For School really helps me achieve that highly sought after fresh and hydrated glow. Somewhat like a compact cushion, the foundation, a BB balm, can be applied and adjusted to suit coverage need. But, on days where I don’t need as much extra help, I get by just fine with the CC highlighter.”

PAIGE: “In today’s chapter of I-bought-this-because-someone-on-YouTube-told-me-to, I present you the NARS Radiant Concealer. Ugh, and it’s seriously amazing. I’m not usually a fan of NARS products because their formulas err on the thick side, but this baby here is a game changer. When you apply it in an inverted triangle shape under your eyes, the concealer immediately brightens your face. I would 100000% tell you to invest in this. PS. I wear the ‘custard.’

Okay, so maybe I fell for the cute egg-shaped packaging. But hey, the Egg Pore does get rid of blackheads!

Lost somewhere deep in the realm of Korean beauty product reviews, I ordered the Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel off Amazon. It’s an extremely rewarding part of my beauty regimen because when I rub the gel in circles around my face, little balls of dead skin cells form. You can basically see all the magic happen.”

[title subtitle=””]Hats[/title]


PAIGE: “I needed a baseball cap for my Europe trip but refused to get a Yankees cap like every other girl because everyone knows I despise sports. Ye was naturally the next best thing.”

CHRIS: “Not to toot my own horn, but I love these hats because one, I designed them, and two, they’re fun. They’re playful, expressive, and go well with any outfit.”