Tuesday Talk: May 10


the News at Noon

Welcome to the News at Noon, our daily round-up of what we’re reading from around the web shared everyday around lunchtime.  We’re also throwing in a dope quote on the daily because, why not?  Leave your favorite articles and quotes in the comments!


“You can be the most beautiful person in the world

and everyone sees lights and rainbows

when they look at you,

but if you yourself don’t know it,

all of that doesn’t even matter.



Just Incase You Didn’t Already Know, There Is a Right Way to Brew Your Iced Coffee // HUFF POST

Blac Chyna Trademarked the Kardashian Name, Ya Know, for Work // THE CUT

Yes, $32k Sunglasses Do Exist // WHO WHAT WEAR

Here’s Your Chance to Rent Yourself (and 60 Friends) a Mansion Castle // REFINERY 29

Schizophrenia Stole My Brother: This Is How I Got Him Back // ELLE

You Have to Check out This Secret Garden in Central Park // NY TIMES

If There’s Anything You Need to Watch on Youtube, It’s This Docu-Series by Grace Neutral and I-D on Korean Beauty // YOUTUBE

Question of the Century: Why Aren’t Young People Joining Nudist Colonies? // BROADLY

Me, Myself, and My Selfie: My Week Flirting with Pink Hair and Orthodox Judaism // MY DOMAINE

I’m 57 and Having Multiple Orgasms for the First Time // ELLE



Happy Tuesday!



Feature image via The Social Kat

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