Not Your Average Father’s Day Gift Guide


[title subtitle=”This one’s for you!”]Happy Father’s Day, Daddy-O[/title]

Buying for men is generally a tricky task. Because of that, Father’s Day gift guides are often speckled with their predictable coffee table books and clever gadgets. While those gifts, in their own ways, are great ideas, I believe our Dads deserve a little more thought. Instead of buying them a physical present, or in combination with a tangible gift, why not shake things up and do something different? Parents would much rather spend quality time making memories with their kids!


Wine Tasting 101 at Chelsea Market 

Quality time AND wine?! It doesn’t get better than this.


Father-Daughter Date Night at Alta 

My favorites from the menu:

  • Bacon Wrapped Dates & Olives stuffed with almonds
  • Lamb Meatballs charred red pepper sauce, soft cooked egg yolk, toasted sesame seeds, lebne
  • Braised Octopus, Carrot & Rainbow Radish Salad citrus cumin dressing, cilantro
  • Crispy Brussels Sprouts fuji apples, crème fraiche, pistachio nuts
  • Grilled Shrimp & Chorizo Skewer avocado mousse, warm garlic & sherry vinaigrette
  • Squid Ink Paella mixed shellfish, chorizo, preserved lemon, guindillas peppers & scallions
  • Red Wine Sangria is a classic here


Promise to hop his favorite museums 

He’ll love to do something culture-oriented with you. Pick a nice lunch spot to break up your visits. The Intrepid Sea Ari is a must-see. If you’re around the Museum Mile, we love Via Quadronno for a panini and an espresso. You’ll recognize this UES hotspot from the Gossip Girl days, but  you don’t have to tell him that’s why you picked it 😉 

Some things you can pick up:

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If he travels a lot, have your siblings pitch in for the ultimate carry-on luggage, courtesy of AWAY Travel

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