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[title subtitle=”My Favorites from #NSS2016″]National Stationery Show 2016[/title]

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Today we’re talking stationery. I recently attended the National Stationery Show, where stationery businesses showcase their newest products. Let me tell you, I was like a kid in a candy store, eyes wide and fingers twitching from all the papered goodness.

Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m in love with all things paper–stickers, notebooks, and cards. There’s just something about the tactility of it all, you know? The texture, the smell, and the vintage? I might be old-fashioned, but I still believe in snail mail. And while it may be a dying trend, I’m here to do my best to support it!

After walking around for hours, meeting new people, and seeing new products, I definitely wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite stationery companies.

[title subtitle=”Rifle Paper Co.”][/title]

You’ve probably heard of Rifle Paper Co. If not, now you get to. This stationery company is the very definition of whimsical and chic. Creative Director Anna Bond’s illustrations are to die for and they’re printed on anything you can think of–greeting cards, coasters, LeSportSac bags, phone cases, recipe boxes, and more. My favorite purchase from Rifle Paper Co.? Their 150th Anniversary Edition Hardcover Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Book, with all-new illustrations by Anna Bond. Absolutely breathtaking, I must say.

[title subtitle=”Hello!Lucky”][/title]

Just like their company name, I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled across Hello!Lucky at the show. I mean, don’t these cards look super fun with their not-so-subtle pop of neon color? (*Please note that this picture does not come close to doing their vibrancies justice!) Their greeting cards are witty, punny, and downright amazing. If you or your friend is always spewing colorful, pun-filled thoughts, this is the perfect greeting card company for them/you.

[title subtitle=”Our Heiday”][/title]

This family-inspired stationery company exudes sophistication and cheerful vibes. Our Heiday sells elegant and playful hand drawn  designs complete with floral paintings and lettered greetings. Their lovely illustrations are printed on greeting cards, notebooks, wrapping paper, and the like. Their Black Magnolias Wrapping Paper is my favorite (pictured in the photo as background).
(Use code LOVESUMMER for 15% off  your purchases until the end of August)

[title subtitle=”Underwood Letterpress”][/title]

Underwood Letterpress is all about snail mail. This letterpress stationery company is known for their color-coded vintage stamps and simple greeting cards that have a quirky touch of personality. I love that their greeting cards have an “illustrated” look. I think they make the cards feel more personal and handmade. Hop on the snail mail wagon, and start sending out letters again! Brownie points if you use vintage postage!
(Use code SNAILMAIL16 for 15% off your purchases until July 15th)

[title subtitle=”Inklings Paperie”][/title]

You definitely need some Inklings Paperie in your next event. This brand is definitely one of a kind for their unique scratch-off idea. Their products feature hidden messages that the recipient reveals once he or she scratches off a specific area like you would a lotto ticket. How fun! Their scratch-off series include greeting cards, customizable greeting cards (you get to write your own message and adhere the scratch-off sticker yourself), bridal and baby shower games, and so on!
(Use code LOLOVE for 10% off your purchases for one year)

[title subtitle=”Want to See More? Here Are More Stationery Companies Worth Checking Out…”][/title]

Ladyfingers Letterpress
Bench Pressed
Fox & Fallow
Smitten on Paper
Ramona & Ruth
Leen Jean Studios
Noteworthy Paper & Press
Mudsplash Studios
Smudge Ink

[title subtitle=”Thanks A Brunch”][/title]

Thought I should end the post with some puns from ilootpaperie (mention THELODOWN at checkout for a free mystery card). Thanks (a brunch) for reading, LoDown fam! Most of these business are new and emerging start-ups, and it would be great if you can do our part to support them. Go forth and write a letter to a loved one or send some surprise snail mail. You’ll definitely make someone’s day! Let me know which greeting card is your favorite or if you have any thoughts about the idea snail mail in this modern tech-savvy era!

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