[title subtitle=”And Strut!”]Slip Me On[/title] I don’t know if you’ve heard, but summer’s officially here! That said, I’m making a strong case for the lingerie dress trend.


Before you chew my head off with a moan, groan, or “Britt, not the pajama style again,” hear me out! Slip dresses are tasteful, chic, and super comfortable to wear in the scorching summer heat. Your sweat glands will thank you. While pajama tops may have been “a thing” this past fall, slip dresses and street style lingerie have just upped the wear-what-you-wear-to-sleep-but-now-wear-it-out ante.


If wearing skimpy sleepwear outdoors freaks you out, take a deep breath. Know that when done right, the style can elude sexy sophistication. Pair a lacy top with denim bottoms, a leather jacket, and a nice pair of gladiators. Voilà! You’re good to go.


Still wading the waters? Opt for a silky camisole!

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