Hello, Gorgeous

So you want to know what’s up with a #ScrubDay?  It’s a day just to reset – to do what you love, eat well, get some exercise, and get down with a facial scrub in an effort to find your head to toe radiance for the week ahead.

I like to do a weekly #ScrubDay on Mondays, the day of the week that most people hate but I choose to love.  Mondays don’t have to be the worst if you see them in a new light, as a day of opportunity instead of the marker of a long week ahead.  If you feel your best on a Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on will flow by just as nicely.  Here are my #ScrubDay activities – leave me yours in the comments below!



My favorite scrub is the classic: St. Ives which is why I’m excited to be working with them!  I love the original Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub but I recently picked up other varieties like Even & Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub (for polishing) and the Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub.  I love how each of them smells and I have a scrub in every bathroom (including the bathrooms in my beach house for guests to use).  It’s fun to hear about and see the glow my friends enjoy from the products I’ve left them.

I scrub more than once a week but Monday definitely is my favorite #ScrubDay because it helps get me into my week in a really nice way.




Getting out the door to the gym early on a Monday morning is critical not only for my day but for my week.  Exercising at the start of my week resets the tone for the rest of it and makes it easier to keep moving everyday afterwards.  I always notice that if I take a few days off it’s so much harder to maintain my regime so I make a point to get my butt in gear on #ScrubDay (plus it feels great to scrub after a great workout).

Get Outside!!!



Getting outside and enjoying part of the day is something I love to do.  I recently took up gardening (I know, I’m really am turning into my Mother and I love it) and it’s a quiet part of the day I spend with myself reflecting on what’s going on in my life.  I have a little garden on the roof of my building in Manhattan and a small vegetable garden at our beach house.  Taking care of plants, growing them, keeping them alive, and reaping the benefits of that care through healthy vegetables provides me with a quiet pleasure and understanding of the earth that calms my mind and soul.  If you haven’t tried gardening, give it a go!

Eat Well!!!



Eating really well is a huge part of my #ScrubDay Mondays.  If I don’t start the week off on the right food when it comes to nutrition, chances are I may give in to eating delicious Chinese food from the restaurant next door more than once a week.  A healthy and energy boosting smoothie is my breakfast of choice on a Monday morning that’s full of berries, a small handful of almonds, and a scoop of protein powder.  I avoid dairy and sweeteners in my smoothies because it’s easy to rack up hidden calories and go overboard on the sugar.

Get a (Little) Done Up!!!


After I’ve exercised and exfoliated to give my skin a soft, smooth base nothing makes me feel better on a Monday than allowing myself a few minutes to apply some minimal make-up so that I look and feel my best.  I’m a beauty lover and not afraid to tell the world that some mascara, blush, and an eyebrow pencil are powerful tools in upping my self-confidence.  Once I have a little bit of a face on I leave the gym and enter my day feeling powerful and great about what I’ve accomplished so far.  It’s okay to love yourself, people and if make-up is a part of that, more power to ya.


So – that’s it!  A #ScrubDay is a day for yourself, to re-energize your body and soul by taking really great care of yourself.  I love Mondays to be my #ScrubDay because I feel like it allows me to optimize my week mentally, but any day of the week (or many days) will do the trick also.  I’d love to know some of the ways you take care of yourself (maybe I’ll add them to my routine) so let me know in the comments!