[title subtitle=”To Brunch or to Booze is the Question”]Jack’s Wife Freda[/title]

I’ll bet good money Jack’s Wife Freda is on your list of places to brunch. Chances are, you’ve seen some quality avocado toast, courtesy of the restaurant, floating somewhere on Instagram. If, however, for some freak reason you haven’t heard of the American-Mediterranean grub hub, I, along with its many regular customers, will have to agree that you’re definitely absolutely unequivocally missing out. Like, seriously, hello! Their personalized sugar packets (with sayings like “Be Present” and “I Love You A Latte”) practically scream aesthetics.

Regardless whether you’re more down for the boozin’ or the brunchin’ you can find their quality nomz in SoHo at 224 Lafayette Street or the West Village at 50 Carmine Street.

Curious what I had? Here’s a sneak peak at their menu 😉

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[title subtitle=”Pressed sandwich with duck prosciutto, cheddar béchamel, gruyere and a sunny side up egg”]Madame Freda[/title]

Perfect amount of crunch in the pressed sandwich!

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[title subtitle=”2 eggs (any style), grilled skirt steak, grilled tomato, pickled red onions and sourdough toast”]Jack’s Breakfast[/title]

The green sauce was the most egg-cellent touch!

A big thumbs up to both dishes! Oh, and the Cantaloupe Mimosa went amazingly well with both entrées. If you’re in town, don’t forget to stop by. They do dinner too!

Tip: Go super early on weekends or be ready to wait around an hour to be seated.

Happy Brunching, folks!