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“Some women choose to follow men,

and some choose to follow their dreams.

If you’re wondering which way to go,

remember your career will never wake up

and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.”



The Strength in Female Sexuality: Why This Artist Is Letting People Touch Her Under One Condition // ELLE

Well, Well, Well…Boris Johnson Won’t Seek to Lead Britain, but Michael Gove Will // NY TIMES

If You Don’t Have a Shaman, You’re Late to the Game // MARIE CLAIRE

Here’s Your Guide to the Best Sun Screen for Your Skin Type // VOGUE

Is This the next Big Thing Company for Eco-Friendly Beauty Products? // VANITY FAIR

Can You Guess What Happened When The Daily Show Fact-Checked Donald Trump’s Economics Speech? // VOX

4 Ways to Awaken Your Life’s Purpose // HUFF POST

The Pentagon’s Ban on Transgender Service Just Fell — but the Details Are Still Complicated // WASHINGTON POST

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