Be French and Go Mod

Fall ’16 is upon us and with the arrival of chilly winds and falling leaves is the one fashion accessory that we’ve been seeing on stylish women everywhere: the beret.  Yes, the tricky-to-tilt hat is back in action this season and considering that I’m always one to take on a challenge, I bought a simple one in black to see if I too could master the French classic.

It arrived from ModCloth well packaged along with some other goodies integral to my outfit that I’d laid out on Pinterest ahead of time.  I love creating outfits that way – the visual experience of all the Pins really helps.  Anyway – getting off track here.  Back to the beret….

There’s many ways to wear this sassy little hat: tilted, pulled down your forehead, worn far back on the head, placed in the center of the head and then poofed up like a chefs hat – I mean, the possibilities are endless.  I was determined to master just the simple tilt on my first go and the results were, surprisingly, quite nice!

I felt silly trying to get it just right but once it was firmly in place I felt an entirely new persona fill up inside of me as I took my first beret-wearing breath: one of a care-free, independent, and potentially French woman.

Wearing a beret feels silly, sexy, and chic all at once.  It’s a playful accessory and tells everyone in close proximity that the wearer of the hat is conscious of her fashion choice but never takes herself too seriously.  I’m not bold enough to be that woman every time I step out of the house, but on beret-day, it’s quite a nice feeling.

The rest of the outfit I crafted around the beret itself is one that I’d be comfortable to wear quite consistently, combining olive green tights and black booties with tortoise shell heels and a very soft, very statement-y faux fur coat in a neutral hue.

Black Boots with Tortoise Shell Heels

Extremely Delightful Coat

Awesome Olive Tights

I wanted to create a look that was flavored like 1965 without going too far down the costume-hole (hello, Halloween).  With the beret topping it off, a great coat to compliment it and nicely colored-tights, I felt like I was toeing the right line in the outfit I’d created to support my new, fancy-free, French-girl attitude.

What do you guys think of the new beret trend?  Are you confident enough to try it out? Let me know in the comments below!

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