My budding Julia Child,

If you hate cooking, don’t have time for it, can’t be bothered to embrace how “healthy” tastes—or, really—are unwilling to admit you’re just a tad rusty behind the stove, I, Emily Burkhardt, am here to cure your woes and save the day.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

Now, imagine all those negative thoughts bursting into positive ones. POP! Yup, just like that. Believe it for not, with a little help and a lot of love from the folks at Mise en Place NYC, cooking can become incredibly stress-free.

How, you ask? Well, keep reading.

It’s about to go down in chow town


I get it. It’s one thing to shop for groceries but a complete other to peel, chop, and dice your ingredients. Mis en Place NYC gets rid of both hurdles by minimizing the time between deciding to cook and actually cooking!

“We believe in cooking at home — but we don’t believe it should be difficult. Mise en Place NYC aims to enhance the way you interact with food from prepping and portioning each and every ingredient, to locally sourcing our produce where possible. We love gathering around the table, sharing moments and memories – and that’s what we want to share with you because at the end of the day, whether you’re whipping up a romantic dinner for two, a feast for friends and family, or simply treating yourself to something healthier than takeout, who doesn’t like good food?”

I want all of you to feel like rockstars in every aspect of your life, including the kitchen. After all, eating is social and it never hurts to keep spreading the positive vibes. For this reason, I’ve partnered with Mis en Place NYC to create one “Heathy Hustle”-approved recipe a week that you can easily make at home.


If you live in New York City, the Mis en Place team will be offering a home-delivery option for the recipe I’ll be sharing on my social media. Yes, this means they will deliver the recipe’s ingredients (all prepped and ready to go) to your door. Sautée a little here and drizzle sauce a little there and you’ll be ready to serve a fantastic dish to your friends.

Recipes will launch on my social media this week so make sure to follow The Healthy Hustle on Instagram or check out my website!

Peace, Love & Healthy Lifestyle,

Emily Burkhardt