Stunned and angered by the general lack of love demonstrated by Trump this past weekend, a proliferating number of Americans took to both airports and the streets to protest the president’s disgusting travel ban. As I watched the series of events—a result of the cold-hearted act—play out in disbelief, I could not help but wonder: What ever happened to the golden rule? The one our parents are constantly telling us to mindful of each and every day?
“Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” I’m sure you’ve heard it plenty of times. Perhaps you’ve even repeated it too! A requirement to being a moral and decent human being, the simple code of conduct has withstood the test of time and traversed cultures and boarders.

There’s not much to it, really. I’m sure you can all relate to an experience with a stranger that left you feeling joyful, if not assured that  all IS right with the world. Maybe a kind man chased you down the block to return the wallet you dropped, maybe a gracious lady held open your front door as you hobbled through with an armful of groceries. Either way, their acts changed your day.

Why be nice? Well, I truly believe what comes around, goes around. And, the world could use a little extra positive juju these days. I ask you this: Why waste your energy being mean?

Not sure where to start? Give these 5 acts of kindness a try!

1. Hold the door!

My mom believes that a man should always hold the door for a woman, but I think otherwise. Regardless your gender, hold the door. Did someone hold the door for you? Thank her/him! 

2. Buy someone’s morning coffee!

Letting the cashier know you’d like to pay for the order behind you will surprise the person who’s receiving your small act of kindness. Trust me, this small gesture goes a long way!

3. Smile or say “Hello!”

A smile or hello could really brighten anyone’s day. Don’t fake or force it. Do it if you want to. Do it if it feels right.

4. Volunteer in your community.

Give back. Nothing feels better than supporting your community, making a difference, and seeing your work positively affect others. Whether it donating your old clothes or volunteering at the local community center, support of any kind makes a difference.

5. Tell the truth!

We all deserve to know the truth. Certain people are more willing to hear the truth than others, but honesty is always the best policy. Being upfront with someone could really make waves for positive changes in their life and your own. Be real with yourself and those around you.



Photographs via @anniepaddington