Why You Should HIIT!


Hey, hey!

To HIIT or not to HIIT?

If you want a quick workout that you can do anywhere (no equipment necessary), is super efficient, and boosts your metabolism to get you on an all-time endorphin high, then you HAVE to try HIIT workouts!

What does HIIT stand for? High Intensity Interval Training.

During this type of interval training, you will get your heart rate up multiple times by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. The idea is to give quick pushes of extreme energy (all-out) before resting in short (or active) recoveries.

While equipments aren’t necessary, you can also do fun HIIT workouts on a bike or even a treadmill!
For example, I am an instructor at Flywheel Sports, and all of our workouts are HIIT workouts. Riders push through speed or resistance for short periods of time and recover between each push (or interval). I am obsessed with and believe in our workout, because riders must give the ride their all! 

Are you ready to rev up your metabolism and burn fat for hours after your workout?

Well, your wish is my command! Complete this following workout ANYWHERE!


Do Anywhere HIIT Workout
45 seconds – Jumping Jacks
Rest 15 seconds
45 seconds – Squat Jumps
Rest 15 seconds
45 Seconds – Mountain Climbers
Rest 15 Seconds
45 Seconds – Burpees
Rest 15 Seconds
45 Seconds – Lunge Jumps
Rest 15 Seconds
Repeat 3X

Get in this quick workout so you can enjoy the rest of your day!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt

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