Exercise on the Go!


Hey, Busy Bee!

Time to focus on your body all day every day without anyone knowing you are getting your workout on!

Here are eight exercises  you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine!

  1. Stay confident with your posture
    Your trunk, or core, is the center of your body. Start to constantly engage it. This will not only help keep your core tone, but it will give you a nice confident posture!
  2. Commercial break workouts
    Watch TV and workout! Here is a link to my last article that has a fun challenge for you to complete every time you watch your favorite show.
  3. Grocery bag bicep curls
    Evenly distribute the weight of your groceries in each hand and give a little love to your biceps!
  4. Squats while you brush your teeth
    Many dentists say you should spend 2 minutes brushing your teeth—that’s at least 4 minutes of squats a day!
  5. Enjoy the scenic route
    Take the long way to each and every destination, even if that means you have to park at the back of the parking lot.
  6. Lunge down hallways
    At home or in the office.
  7. Calf raises while you are waiting
    Whether you are waiting for your favorite salad, or for the bathroom get those calf raises in!
  8. Dance and laugh as much as possible.
    Get your groove on and giggle until your abs are on fire to burn a few extra calories.

Dance, laugh and stay confident with these eight moves all while creating the best version of yourself!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhard

Feature image via Bjoern Ewers.

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