Check Out My Private List of Favorite Baby Names


No, I don’t have a case of the BABIES over here, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly updating my list of favorite names ever that came into creation some 20ish years ago. I know it’s kinda CRAY to share your list because there’s a chance that an actual pregnant friend or family member may STEAL one of your precious names, but c’est la vie, right? Kourtney Kardashian absolutely slayed me when PENELOPE popped out, but I got through the pain of being high-jacked and I’m here to tell you, it’s not so bad after a few years. I’ve also only met her twice so I can’t really place too much blame on her, right?
[italic_paragraph] I’ve discovered that keeping a list of baby names super close to the chest is in the end, kind of silly. Why not collaborate so that our future babies are blessed with the loveliest, most appropriate, coolest names ever? With that being said, I invite you to leave your favorite names in the comments below. I may pass one or two off to my pregnant sister, but if she happens to choose one you’ve offered up I’ll send you a treat of some kind in the mail as a ‘thank you’. [/italic_paragraph]

Just in case you hate that font, here they are again below:

[intro_paragraph] BOYS: Clay, Richard, Thomas, Charles, Theo, Anderson, George, William, Carter, Liam, Christopher, Dylan [/intro_paragraph] [intro_paragraph] GIRLS: Penelope, Willow, Genevieve, Victoria, Violet, Michelle, Zoe, Poppy, Leona, Eva, Marie, Ellen [/intro_paragraph]


  1. My favourite girl’s name Millicent – “Milly” for short 🙂 For boys – George (or Georgie as a babe!)

  2. I also have no babies but have a list in my phone of names that I continually add to :)My faves for girls: Nora, Clara, Annalise, Emeline
    And for boys: Jack, Noah, Elias, Collin
    and many more of course, but I can’t give them all away 🙂

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