How to Make the Most of Your Winter Outfit


As much as you’d like to pack away your winter coats, don’t just yet! It’s crucial you make the most out of your last few chilly-weather outfits.
We all know the trick to dressing for colder weather—layering (and lots of it!) No, I don’t mean layering in sweatpants and hoodies. Although, I’ll admit that the frostiness is a perfect excuse to wear all things comfy. But, if you actually take the time to get dressed, I promise you’ll be more ready (and productive) to take on any windy, winter day.

Look good, feel good, and do good. Adopt this mantra stat!

Why layer? Well, when you wear several layers, bundling up  isn’t necessary. Layering allows a tasteful fashionista to leave her coat unzipped to show off her new cashmere sweater.

While you’re at it, add a stylish hat for extra warmth! It’ll also protect your hair from unpredictable weather. I’d also recommend a classic scarf. I believe it’s the perfect accessory to take any outfit from a 5 to a 10!

When investing in an attractive coat, think quality. After all, you want it to last! When hoping to stand out in a crowd of puffers, try anything from a designer coat to a simple plaid wrap. Most coats, believe it or not, will cover the outfit you’re wearing so it doesn’t have to be entirely neutral.

Listen, ladies, everyone wants to dress as though they’re walking down a runway be it in the sun or in a blizzard. You dress for success. Toss your sweats aside, get up, and get going! This small act makes a big difference.

Have you ever seen Anna Wintour in a hoodie? Yea, I didn’t think so!

With Love,
Ashley Attianese
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