Organization Tips That Will Actually Help You De-Clutter Your Life


Need some chaos relief? Let’s face it—with all that we have going on in our daily lives, we’re bound to find ourselves in a bit of a rut. No one wants to live under the pressure of having too much to do with no time to do it. Ready to take some steps towards organizing your life? You won’t regret it!

Here are 4 steps I take to keep efficient!

1. Make and Stick to a Weekly To-Do List

While monthly planners are great for long-term goals, shorter lists can help put your mind at ease. Instead of tackling 20 projects you have planned for the entire month, why not break that list down into smaller to-dos for each week? I find that when I group tasks into smaller groups, I feel more accomplished after finishing my weekly quota. That sense of relief is honestly therapeutic! 

2. Clean Your Room

It’s been said that making your bed every morning leads to a more productive day. I say, why stop there? Having a clean room will increase your willpower to get up and get started with the day. I really believe a clean environment helps you achieve an accomplished vibe from the time you wake up ’til you lay your head back on your pillow to sleep. Cleaning your room may be a minuscule task, but haven’t you found it hard to stay focused on your day when all you’re thinking about is the laundry you eventually need to put away?

3. Prep Your Day in Advance

Things you can do the night before: make tomorrow’s lunch, plan your outfit, and gather you bag(s). Getting ready in advance can cut down your morning stress. If you plan your outfits, prep your meals, and collect all your belongings for work, school, or day the night before, you no longer have to worry about doing so the next morning. Plus, mornings can be so unpredictable! If something unexpected happens, you’ll already have your staple items ready!

4. Make A Budget

Organizing your finances is a major de-cluttering tip a lot of people overlook. Knowing how much you should be spending per week or even day will alleviate the surprise of what’s left in your bank account! Plus, managing your money will be one thing you don’t have to worry about in addition to your busy schedule. I’ve found more money in my pocket from doing so. In fact, I’ve even adopted a better spending practice from being more generally aware!  

Hopefully these tips help get you going through your week.

A little extra work now gives you a break later. Trust me, you’ll love it!



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