The Truth About Shaving Your Face


To shave or not to shave? Well, isn’t that a question!

In the latest saga of shaving trends, we’re “faced”—quite literally—with a dilemma. Should we or shouldn’t we? Yes or nahh?

It’s no secret women have taken razors to unconventional places on their bodies. The cool thing is more and more women are actually going public with their grooming habits. Still, the task itself is daunting. The idea of doing the unthinkable can scare the very best lady away. I’m, however, here to shine some light on why shaving your face might just be the grooming habit you need to get into!

The Myths

The first thing you think of when you hear the phrase, “shaving your face,” might be the shaving cream and razor set your dad uses to get rid of his 5 o’clock shadow. That’s not how we do it. In most cases, women shave their face with a single blade razor or an eyebrow shaper on dry skin! The process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and the chances of you nicking yourself during it are very slim.

Of course, after telling people I shave my face, I always get asked “but doesn’t your hair grow back faster/darker/thicker?” The answer is always no! If the hair on your face is typically dark or thick, that’s how it’ll grow back. But if it’s only peach fuzz and light, that’s the type of hair you’ll see. The hair on your face is growing constantly whether you notice it or not! It’s up to you to keep it or get rid of it!

The Benefits

If you’ve ever noticed your foundation or concealer appearing—well—hairy, you’ll experience a much smoother application after shaving your face! You’re essentially getting rid of all the little hairs and any dead skin when you shave so your foundation ultimately sticks to a smoother surface. Can you say flawless?

Best of all, shaving is a cheap way to exfoliate! Think about it. In addition to removing hairs, you’re also removing a layer of dead skin that would have otherwise built up on your face. Removing dead skin cells speeds up the healing process, allowing serums or creams to penetrate better!

How I Do It

Everyone has their own techniques but for teaching purposes, I’ll just call mine the “Post Shower 30-Second Shave.” After I get out of the shower and before I do anything else (literally, fresh out of the shower, in a towel, not doing anything) I take the time to shave my face. I only do this once or twice a week and it takes no time at all, so it really isn’t a huge task. I take my eyebrow shaper, pull my skin tautly upwards, and use small, quick strokes going downwards in any area I deem shave-worthy. I typically only do my cheek/chin/lip area, but women have found shaving their forehead and around their ears beneficial! And, that’s literally it. Done!

Immediately afterwards, I moisturize my skin and continue with the rest of my post-shower regimen. My skin usually craves a moisturizer of some sort (because I did just remove a layer of skin), but there’s no pain or discomfort once I give it what it wants!

If you’re finding your face to be a bit fuzzier than you’d like or you want a smoother foundation application, take a go at shaving your face—I promise more women do it than you think!



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