We all have that pair of shoes that we love, we wear them to a fancy dinner, but literally must hobble from Uber to event. At the event, you always look for the closest bench, or search out your table and just stick to it all night. You’ll stand up for a full-length photo of course, but in reality, your feet are dying inside.
Since moving to New York 5 years ago, I’ve learned the hard and painful way about which footwear options suit me best. The answer is that the most comfortable ones are the dopest…but that doesn’t always lead to a stylish choice. When athleisure became a thing a few years ago, I breathed many sighs of relief for my feet. They had spent YEARS squished into 5 inch heels during my Los Angeles days, and I was thrilled to put the horror behind me. The good news is, in 2017, there are footwear brands that are on the same page as I am, churning out styles that are cloud-like in comfort, but also look gewwwwd walkin’ down the street.

When it comes to choices, I like to be original. Style is unique to the individual and there is something so satisfying and powerful when you get to make choices – especially fun fashion ones! I’m especially into Kork-Ease right now because of the #OriginalYou movement they have going on. I love everything they have, and perfect for the individual woman who knows who she is, what she wants. So go get ’em and be original!

I could get from the East Village to Tribeca in these in no problem (about 2 miles). The soles of the shoes have this cushion-like padding that makes it feel like you’re standing on one of those funny kitchen mats that are super comfortable. Know what I’m talking about? All of the shoes from Kork-Ease are comfortable in this way (I own a few pairs) and they’re some of my favorite walking shoes.

I like that a wedge such as the Lawton is really versatile – a shoe that can assist when wearing a pair of high-waisted 70s jeans to get you off the ground – and a shoe that is fit to be shown off with a pair of cropped pants or a skirt. These would even look great with just a bathing suit and a button down lounging next to the pool (can’t wait for summertime obviously).

Last but not least I wanted to touch on the monochrome-esque-ness of this outfit. I usually go for all-black ensembles, but the blue on these Kork-Ease is just such a pretty color that I felt it would compliment these Easter Blue cropped pants and dusty-blue duster jacket for my stroll through the city. I’ve been loving putting together outfits created from a single color family.

You can get these great wedges for $165 at Kork-Ease by clicking right here. Be You, the #OriginalYou!

To read my interview with Kork-Ease and learn more about the #OriginalYou movement, visit their blog here.