It’s the age-old argument we constantly have with our girlfriends: how often should we be washing our hair? The answer, by the way, varies widely depending on your hair type, texture, color, and length—not to mention a bajillion other factors like weather, humidity, and daily activities. I’ve talked to a few of my brutally honest friends, each with different hair types, to get to the bottom of the mystery, and researched some expert opinion on what is and isn’t good for your beautiful strands.

Calling All Curly Girls

Let’s start with moi! My hair is very thin but I have a lot of it and the curl is REAL. I typically wash my hair twice a week, or when I find it to be unmanageable. I tend to stay away from shampoos or conditioners that contain sulfates—bubbles are no good on this head of hair! My hair holds product well, meaning I can put a lot into it without it instantly looking crunchy or oily. The oil that my skin produces doesn’t actually funk up my hair until the day I decide to wash it. If I change my regimen (wash my hair more frequently), my hair would become brittle and limp—a curly girl’s worst nightmare.

Take a look at some of my favorite products:

Amazing Au Natural

One of my girlfriends has beautiful natural African American hair. When I asked her about her hair routine, nothing was off limits! She washes her hair 4 times a week because “anything more than that just strips my hair of the oils it needs and it gets really dry.” When looking for products to wash her hair, she tends to look for shampoos, conditioners, and oils that moisturize, strengthen, and prevent breakage because her hair needs to stay hydrated at all times. Coconut products are her savior unless they add buildup to her hair, so she says to find one that doesn’t sit on your hair and look for something that will essentially “feed nutrients” to your hair! Her last step in her hair care routine? Wrap up your hair when you sleep—it prevents the strands from breaking when you’re tossing and turning!

Here are some of Natasha’s favorite products:

Fine, Finer, Finest

Another friend probably has the thinnest hair you will ever see. She washes her hair every day as soon as she wakes up due to the oils that build up when she’s sleeping. She’s so concerned about the oils in her hair that she’s even afraid to use new products because she doesn’t know how the product will build up in her roots. If she lets her hair dry naturally, it becomes a little bit wavy with a lot of frizz, so heat is a friend of hers. Dry shampoo is a godsend for her during the day if she feels the oil getting out of control, but she’s known to wash her hair twice a day if she needs to.

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Silky & Straight

Finally, my roommate has super straight hair with an average thickness—not too thin and not too thick. She tries to wash her hair every day, but sometimes when the hustle and bustle of the day doesn’t allow her to, she’ll stick to her trusty dry shampoo. She’s got the type of hair that will work with any hair product but heat tool? She better hope luck is on her side! If she wants to add heat to her hair to curl it, she HAS to let her hair be “dirty” from the day before for her curls to hold. She uses moisturizing products to keep her hair from becoming brittle from washing it so much, but she feels the need to wash her hair often!

Here are Kayla’s go-to products for her hair:

Let’s get to the facts: Your skin produces oil, you have skin on your head, and your hair is attached to your head. Your hair gets oily in order to keep it from drying out and it essentially gives your hair the nutrients it needs to grow. While you may feel the need to wash your hair every day, you could be stripping your hair of its oils which actually causing your pores to produce MORE oil! Experts say washing your hair every other day is the most beneficial and it is possible to “train” your hair to make this possible. If your hair is really craving that wash, grab your dry shampoo until you absolutely have to later up!