Why You Should Own a Pair of House Shoes


Do you own a pair of house shoes? I didn’t for the longest time, but because I’m MY OWN WOMAN (hello, ladies) I decided that I wanted a pair. Doing what I want to do is the best part of being a grown-up. So, I began the hunt for a really original pair until I stumbled upon a pair that are SO comfortable that I wear them constantly. I’m also thrilled they aren’t a pair of slippers, because getting dressed in real clothing is important, duh. I tend to work from home a lot, so getting dressed like a real adult can be especially important because going down a road of constant PJ action just isn’t so good for the brain.
So YES, house shoes are a thing. This pair, the Margeret from Kork-Ease, obviously, may be worn outside and of course I do, because why would I not? They’re alternatively hip and that’s why I like them. A flat lace-up shoe is everywhere right now, but one that feels a bit off-duty such as these really ease in to any outfit, whether it’s one at home or for the weekend at brunch. 

I’m especially into Kork-Ease right now because of the #OriginalYou movement they have going on. Their styles are unique, and perfect for the individual woman who knows who she is, what she wants. So go get ’em and be original!

As you can see, I’m excellent at being a fully-dress, house-shoe wearing adult taking a moment out of my busy day to relax and reflect on how many emails I have sitting in my inbox. 

Another exemplary shot of why a chic and comfortable house shoe is important – because they make your Instagram photos look way more dope when all you have is your beige-colored house house as a back-drop. I love how moody I’m making it all seem here. Definitely doing ME, ME, ME.

One more lounging shot for the win! Look at that spread from toe to top of head. Impressive, I think.  But – in all seriousness I love these shoes and that’s why I wrote this post. I don’t really like being barefoot around the house all the time, especially with a puppy who tracks in dirt from the city. These have never given me a blister, look cute with pretty much anything, and have soles that are literally bouncy they’re so comfortable. I think they are an original approach to a house shoe (or anytime shoe) and perhaps you’ll feel the same way with them on your feetsies. Do you, girl – the #OriginalYou.

I highly recommend.  Until next time, gals.

You can get these dreams for $130 from Kork-Ease right here.

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