How To Not Look Thirsty At The Gym (not, like, H20 Thirsty)


Whether you’re discovering the miracles of exercise for the first time, are getting back into a workout routine (like me – I’ve been having lower back problems, ugg), or are a fitness freak, the right gear is a critical part of getting motivated, feeling comfortable, and looking your best. Let’s not deny that last part – everyone wants to look kinda sexy at the gym. Or, at least I do. But not thirsty, definitely not thirsty. 
Instead of going for crazy, strappy sports bras that don’t actually provide support, and see-through, paneled leggings for your first week in a new routine, here are my personal selections for great activewear that will also make you look fly. There’s definitely a middle road between totally cray and totally boring.  That’s exactly where I like to live.  Let’s start from the feet and work our way up.


Shoes, no matter your fitness level, can be totally fun, wild, and colorful (or not colorful in my case). They’re the exception to the “outrageous” rule we’re trying to avoid here. What’s most important is that they provide good support and that you choose the right shoe for the right activity. If you’re going to start running, choose running shoes, obvs.
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All the pants here are not too crazy, beautiful colors, a lil’ jazzy when it comes to the design, and obviously quite supportive of the bum and tummy. I love a high and tight pant that flatters everything from the belly button down. I really like the high-waisted Nike ones in particular.
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Sports bras have gone from totally lame to totally insane in the past two years. I prefer the ones that are stylish but still functional. I’m between a C and D cup so something supportive is important, and it’s also fun to let the girls look shapely and nice, too. I’m very much digging everything that’s a pseudo-crop top that’s also functional.
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My favorite kind of top is a tank, one that can be tied up in the back if you want, thrown over your bike handles if you want, and loose/comfy. I’m not super into crazy colors or weird embellishments. Ugly tops can totally kill a gym look. 
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I hope you like my moderate, yet totally sexable choices. It’s easy to feel comfortable, feel supported, and look good all at the same time. Now all you have to do is say “HI” to that cute guy doing plank pose next to you in yoga. Go, go, go!!!!!!

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  1. Because tearing down other women for what they choose to wear at the gym is a really effective way to spend your time. 🙄 How does wearing something with mesh panels (designed to keep you cool when you’re sweating hard) make you look thirsty…? Maybe you should consider focusing on building other women up, not using them as a way to swing a catchy (yet poorly worded) headline.

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