With everything that surrounds us, from pollution to cigarette smoke, to salty food and over-zealous skin zapping beauty products, it’s pretty easy for your skin to look like a 5/10. I hate that, especially with spring upon us and dresses flying out of my closet and on to my pale body faster than you can say “75 degreeeeessss!”
I’m always on the hunt for new products and methods to take care of my skin – from upping my water intake and overnight facial masks to fabulous lotions made with natural ingredients. My hunt has recently taken me towards Alba Botanica and a specifically Hawaiian influence, the natural beauty company that is having a real loud moment with their Hawaiian Detox line of products. Everything is full of clay, smells good, and pulls nasty stuff out of the skin while hydrating and making you smooth and soft all over. I feel like an island babe already, pals.

My new hydration method (beyond drinking 2 glasses of lemon water immediately upon waking up) goes like this:

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub 

First things first – if you have dry skin already, you have to get it OFF! I’ve tried countless scrubs in my day. Some are too tough on the skin (including some DIY sugar/honey creations I’ve made), and some just don’t cut the mustard at all. The perfect scrub never irritates, is made of natural ingredients, rinses off the skin easily, and leaves it feeling a soft as a baby’s bottom. Can I just say that the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Frothy Scrub is ALL of those things? For the real life example, see me taking a shower below.

As you can see from the actual scrub on my face, it’s gentle enough to use all over the body. I also want to mention AGAIN how easily it rinses off – I’ve struggled with crazy coffee scrubs that literally will not leave my body or my shower walls. This one is quite nice.


After an invigorating scrub, it’s time to use a moisturizing body wash that won’t strip the skin of natural oils and moisture. Step right up, Hawaiian Detox Body Wash. It’s a clear wash with actual clay in it (just like the frothy scrub) that protects what’s on the outside with pulling out the ick that’s on the inside. With Hawaii in mind, it’s formulated with coconut water, torch ginger, lotus flower, and Yerba mate. Sounds almost good enough to eat, am I right?

The smell is really soothing and it bubbles up nicely on the skin. Good enough to get clean all over without sacrificing the good that’s already there.


The last step in my moisturizing routine, obviously, is LOTION. I have a secret way to apply it however, and that is to do it while your skin is still WET. Yes, it takes a bit longer to dry off and get dressed, but for some reason, I swear, the lotion works better this way. The Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Renewing Lotion does more than moisturize the skin however – it also protects it from pollutants in the air. How so?

Hidden within the moisturizer is a cover of volcanic clay that protects the skin from the elements, allowing the cocoa butter, kukui nut oil, and lotus flower. It slides on smooth and lasts all day. No re-application necessary here!

I always follow up with more water throughout the day and try to snack on fruits and veggies with high-water content as well. My favorite thing to do lately is combine coconut water with fresh watermelon, spun up together in the blender! That’s the taste of the islands right there, lovers!