How To Save Your Skin From Pollutants in the Air


With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner (already!!!!!), everyone is gearing up for trips, airplane rides, and hotter weather. I myself will be heading to Nashville for my best friend’s Bachelorette Party and while I cannot wait for the event, the warmer weather definitely has me more aware of what’s in the air and environment around me and how those things are affecting my skin.
Seasonal changes can bring changes with skin as well and as mine gets accustomed to warmer weather it’s also dealing with compounding environmental elements that are in the air and all around us. I haven’t found many skincare lines that address pollutants in the environment in their products yet – but one I’ve written about before, Alba Botanica IS with their new Hawaiian Detox Collection! How awesome is that?

Pollutants in the air can drastically affect the skin, causing hyperpigmentation, inflammation, a breakdown of elastic and collagen, and rough and dull skin. Bad news considering that we really just worried about the harmful rays from the sun before this wave of new information. But, power is knowledge and I’m happy to have an arsenal of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients at my disposal in my new anti-pollution products.

My three must-have products from Alba Botanica to help detoxify my skin after a long day or a long flight are the Hawaiian Detox Towelettes,  the Hawaiian Detox Scrub, and the Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask. I use them in that order too – using the towelettes to remove make-up and detoxify, then the scrub to get rid of debris, and finally the sheet mask with real volcanic clay that draws out toxins.

It’s really the natural ingredients in this collection that help to save the skin: the real volcanic clay draws out and absorbs impurities, lotus flower and torch ginger tone and rebalance, and tropical fruit acids dissolve dulling debris. I love a natural product and have made a conscious shift towards products of this nature. Even better – the Towelettes and Detox Sheet Mask fit into my carry-on bag for my weekend trip to celebrate my best friend, and I think they will be totally necessary after a long weekend with my girls!

Thank you to Alba Botanica for being a wonderful partner to work with – I love all the products you send me to try out!

Are you taking a trip for Memorial Day this year? What beauty products make your skincare essentials list?

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