4 Really Easy Things You Can Do To Help Your Brain Chill Out


Today’s suggestions in my new #MindMatters vid is really simple – and that’s the point! Sometimes it’s the most basic, mundane activities that allow our minds to slow their roll. Enjoy!

Tell me – what are the things you like to do around the house that help you get your mind off of whatever “it” is? XOXO

  1. I love your videos. Thanks for sharing your tips, I’ll be arranging some flowers tomorrow 🙂 The magnesium salt bath sounds incredible, I wish I could try it. But as an epileptic I cannot take baths, so my big stress relievers are getting lost in cleaning, especially vacuuming (thanks mom!) lol. But also just laying down with my cat soothes me in a way nothing else does. Stress and anxiety are my main seizure triggers so I feel grateful I’ve found some basic coping tools.

  2. Hey Lo,
    I am happy you are feeling better and making more videos. I’ve always liked them.

    Thanks for making this video – those are some great tips! The maganiusm bath sounds awesome and I am going to try it. Tea is always a favourite way for me to relax my mind but I’ve never had turmeric, very curious to try it now. I also find putting on a podcast and just zenning out helps.

    Thanks again!



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