#JustAskLo: I’m Hung Up on My Ex But I Have a New Boyfriend + More


UM HI! Today marks the first day of #JustAskLo hittin’ the World Wide Web and I couldn’t be more excited. I received so, so many emails from readers with their advice questions and I just wanted to say “thanks big time” before diving right into today’s content. I’m going to answer 3 emails per episode every Friday unless you guys want more or less so keep me posted on what you think of the length of the video and the content.
Today’s 3 questions are below and edited for length and clarity. My video response is at the bottom of the post. This episode is all about love, laziness, and a BIG problem at work…

I’m searching for advice on my relationship. I was recently in a 2.5 year relationship with a guy that ended due to multiple issues. I thought I was over it and have started dating something new who is wonderful, but I still find myself thinking about my old guy and wondering if we made the right choice. My ex has also expressed the same thought to me (that he still thinks about me a lot and can’t fully move on). Is this nostalgia or did we truly make a mistake by ending it? Maybe I’m just looking for a better version of him in my new beau? Any help would be appreciated. – Mary

Have you ever heard the quote ‘live the life you’ve imagined’? Everyday I wake up and try to live by that. I’m 32, married for 6 years, my hubs and I own a house and I have a full-time job as a teacher. I love my summer break but I tend to get a little anxious during it. I’m stuck in a cycle of wanting downtime to relax but then during the downtime getting stressed out that I’m not doing enough. I’m the opposite of a Type-A personality but because I’m so laid back, my life can easily become one big game of catching up. I put the ‘pro’ in ‘procrastinate’. I can avoid exercise, not eating healthy, cleaning the house or walking the dogs for 4 or 5 days then overwhelm myself when I finally kick my butt into gear. I’m so overwhelmed that I’ve begun to feel like I’ll never find my balance in life. What should I do? – Kreisa

I’m 26 years old and need your advice. Today at work we got a new manager and I come to discover it’s my ex-boyfriend from 5 years ago. He came up to me and apologized for everything he did to me back then, including cheating on me with other women. I have had a new boyfriend for 3 years and even though I’ve moved on it’s still really awkward for me to see my ex everyday. How do I proceed? I don’t want to quit my job because of him. – Victoria


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