I Have Social Anxiety and Have to Go To a Wedding Alone + More…


It’s Friday again, party people. Can you believe it? Seriously, the past 7 flew by in a flash. The last weekend of July is here! Makes me wanna scream!
Anyway, it’s also time for a new episode of #JustAskLo to drop so here it is, QUEENS. I’ve gotten some outstanding, meaningful questions from all of you and just want to say that this week’s episode may be my favorite so far. I’m fielding question regarding social anxiety, having anxiety about moving on after the death of a lover, and how to create a beauty routine if you’re starting from scratch. My video remarks are at the bottom of this post with the questions below edited for clarity and length. Product recs are below the video!

Question 1:

“I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding for a sorority sister next year. I’m honored but also having a lot of anxiety about joining her on her special day. I don’t know a soul at the wedding except the bride herself, and I’m traveling alone to a different state and staying by myself at a hotel. In a larger city I’m okay on my own, but this is a small town and I’m worried about being lonely.

I struggle with depression and anxiety and at night it’s always magnified when I’m lonely and the thought of being alone at my hotel makes me anxious as well. The wedding will be over by mid-afternoon so I’ll be spending a lot of time after it alone with nothing to do. I’m single so no chance of getting a plus one. I don’t want to add more stress to the bride’s life by asking for a date. What should I do?”

Question 2:

“Six months ago by fiance passed away. We were together for 4 years and he suffered from addition. The past 2 years of our relationship were not good because of this and we had no plans to move forward with our wedding. I tried leaving him multiple times but he always came back. I gave up everything for him because he was my main concern at all times, so much so that I lost track of myself.

Three months ago and ex-boyfriend of mine got in touch and we’ve been spending a lot of time together. It seems perfect and too good to be true. We broke up previously because we were at different places in our lives but we’ve both grown a lot for the better. He is everything I want in a lifelong partner. We’ve discussed moving in together recently and we’re on the same page.

My issue is that I worry that our friends and family will think we are moving too fast, especially after what I’ve been through. How can I get over the fear of wondering what others think? I have anxiety and attribute it to worrying about how others perceive the situation. How can I stop myself from worrying about what others think of me?”

Question 3:

“I’m 27 years old and have never been a girly girl. I wear makeup once every two weeks, if that. I don’t wear it to to work or to grab dinner with friends. I don’t feel that I look beautiful without makeup, I’m just lazy and unskilled in that area. I wash my face with water, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

The reason I’d like to start putting myself together a bit more is that I think it will make me feel good, and I wouldn’t mind attracting some men! I want to look like I’m trying, because I know it must seem like I don’t care about my appearance very much at all.

Any suggestions on how to start a good beauty and skincare routine? Products you recommend? Also, if you have tips on how to put yourself out there too that would be great.”




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  1. Thanks so much Lo for being so honest about your social anxiety!! I too have it and am not attending my friends wedding next weekend because I am not ready to face everyone so I am just attending the ceremony. I lost my husband over 2 years ago he was only 38 so having anxiety and panic attacks have become a way of life!! What your feeling is Normal but you are very brave.. maybe you can bring a friend yo take the trip with you that wld def help a bit!!! Xoxox

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