The 5 Wellness Apps I Actually Use


There’s a ton of absolute ca-ca out there in the app world for wellness, dieting, and fitness. You know what I’m talking about – junk bond apps with countless ads, video content that doesn’t stream properly, weird lists of routines that don’t actually provide you information, and jarring meditation apps that could actually spiral you into an anxiety attack. THE INTERNET IS FUN, AMIRITE?!
However, once you wade through what first pops up when you type in “gluten-free” to your search bar and get to the apps with true street cred, it is possible to find digital bliss online. I find that the apps I enjoy the most have one purpose and perform that purpose very well, rather than trying to do 12 things at once. Know your strengths, know your weaknesses. So, on this Manic Monday, allow me to share with you the 5 wellness apps I actually use in an effort to pay it forward technologically – for meditation, sleep, fitness, and diet.



This is an app that teaches you how to meditate and be mindful, and the voice of the man who guides the meditation here is truly soothing. During the bite-sized sessions, the app easily switches from speaking to silence without snapping you out of a deep moment of transcendence. You can pick meditations on a range of themes: from anxiety to sports.




So I emergency downloaded this app in the middle of the night during a recent weekend vacation in the Hamptons as the hotel I was staying in did not have exactly sound-proofed walls and when the party in the next room over was still going on at 3am Monday morning I started to lose my shit. I didn’t bring my back-up Ambien and was truly kicking myself when I remembered I DID have earbuds and a cellphone that could help make the moment a bit less painful.

I downloaded Relax Melodies and totally jazzed out to a combo of white noise and rain for the remaining 4 hours of sleep I did get. The sounds on this app are plentiful and they seem to go on forever. The tracks on some noise apps start over after a while which can bring you out of sleep but they don’t on Relax Melodies which is a nice benefit.



If you live in any urban center you gotta download Mind Body! I book 90% of my workouts through this app and the discovery feature is a really neat way to find new studios in your area, especially ones promoting good deals. Chances are high your favorite studio is on there and you can eliminate any clunky booking system they still rely on from your routine. I like to book a week in advance with the apps because it’s just so easy and it automatically adds your classes to your calendar and sends you little reminders too. 



If you haven’t heard of Kayla Itsines by now, where the eff have you been the past 2 years? This trainer from Australia has amassed a remarkable Instagram following of 7 million fitness fanatics who love her BBG programs. I myself have dabbled in the app often and like to think I’ve slimmed down because of it. 

A back injury side-lined me for some of 2016/2017 but I’m slowly getting back into the program and it really does work to change bodies fast. Coupled with the meal plan and shopping list her team also provides it’s hands-down the best overall fitness app I’d recommend to anyone looking to transform the way they feel and look.




My endocrinologist turned me on to Fat Secret, y’all. It’s a pretty basic calorie counter but I love it for it’s ability to tally net carbs you consume every day. For anyone with a slow metabolism it’s a great way to track just how many you’re putting into your body. You’d be shocked at the count in some foods – type in apple and be blown away.


Tell me, pals – what are you favorite wellness apps that actually work? I’m always looking to app new ones to my rotation! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love Pacifica for mood tracking in particular since I have such strong anxiety and can experience depression too. There are other features such as journal exercises and meditation, but the mood tracking feature is my most used.

  2. 1) clue– to track my periods (also useful to warn myself when PMS is a-comin’) — as well as mood changes and behavioral patterns that fluctuate with my cycle.
    2) way of life– “habit building app”. basically you make a list of behaviors/habits you want to incorporate into daily life and check them off at the end of each day. the app organizes your data into charts/graphs etc so you can see your trends. my list includes early wake up time, daily exercise, 10k steps, floss, meditation, read, etc etc

    3) waterlogged– tracks how much water you drink each day. i aim for 150oz and it sends me periodic reminders to take sips.

    4) sleep cycle– i love this app. i often forget to use it but i’m glad when i do (i’ll use it tonight, good reminder). picks up your breathing patterns and measures quality of sleep. also has an alarm that detects when it’s easiest for you to wake up, and gently starts playing music. so much better than an alarm that startles us out of deep sleep!


  3. I like Flo for tracking my cycle, Calm is also an amazing meditation and sleep aid app, and Yoga Studio for yoga routines anytime anywhere.

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