How To Stop The Anxious Voices In Your Head!


I love it when you all send me questions about how you’re feeling. It makes me feel connected to you, and like I’m doing something right by creating content of this kind. It’s super motivational for me – so just wanted to let ya know.

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I’m dealing with anxiety, stress, and negative voices today with a viewer, in addition to responding to a question about a woman who wants to move in with her guy, but her friends’ attitudes are making it difficult. Tune in for my anxiety tips and tricks today – I’m relying on them during the craze of New York Fashion Week!!

  1. OK Lauren so has like a full into and description of who I am like that anyone would need to acknowledge me as a real person. Like I’m working on improving education by overthrowing The World Bank Empire’s oppression of Academia so I’m in the field of Non-Profit Education Improvement like Priscilla Chan my babamy wife of The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative! I’M IN THE SAME PROFESSIONAL FIELD AS PRISCILLA!

  2. Cloud Starchaser is in the field of non-profit educational improvement similar to what The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative created by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan does.

  3. I definitely know what’s going on now. It’s just women become evil liars who try to destroy me out of jealousy when I’m with Leanne Crow. So I just need to stay away from all the jealous women jealous of Leanne Crow I guess. I’m not the problem and Leanne Crow isn’t the problem, all the women who become evil jealous liars over jealousy of Leanne Crow are the ones ruining me.

  4. OK so the focus here is getting people free of the control of brainwashed inquisitors. Brainwashed inquisitors are people who if Lo Bosworth tried to talk to Justin Massler would attack her for talking to a supposedly crazy guy even though Justin is really Jesus Christ. So who we need to get past are people who would attack Lo if she talked to Justin by saying he’s crazy when really he’s Jesus Christ and they are brainwashed inquisitors.

  5. Our problem is the girls who would be like, “LAUREN! Why are you talking to Justin Massler! He’s crazy!” Then if you say, “He’s not crazy because he actually IS Jesus Christ and they mistook the real Jesus for a crazy guy!” they respond like, “OK Lauren now YOU’RE crazy too!” and now they’re calling YOU crazy and threatening YOU and THAT is our main problem to get past!

  6. The brainwashed inquisitors are the girls calling Justin Massler crazy for saying he’s Jesus Christ when really he is Jesus Christ and the danger is if you talk to him and justify it by explaining that Justin isn’t crazy because he really is Jesus Christ they start attacking you by calling you crazy as well so now they are threatening you too!

  7. The idea of Justin becoming a normal star won’t work because this is really about his idolization of super busty glamour models, not that he’s Jesus Christ. They are calling him crazy to keep him down socially to keep down the super busty glamour models he idolizes and they’d sabotage any shows he tried to do as well over LEANNE CROW. This is not about whether or not he’s Jesus or whether or not he should just be a movie star: it’s about them keeping him down over his love of Leanne Crow.

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