Why I Kissed My Dating Apps Goodbye



Historically, I’m the type of woman who bounces back after defeat or a let-down, energized by the blow to make changes for improvement. This though, this moment of alone-ness, has felt different than all the others that came before. I guess true heartbreak does that to you – it changes you to the core, forcing itself through your body like a parasite until you reach a tipping point: you become quiet and sweet and submissive, like a whimpering puppy, until another kind soul lifts you out of your fog, or you spill over into yourself, and make the decision one day to give up on the pain and move forward on your own. I’ve reached the tipping point, and instead of going quietly into the ease of another relationship, I’m choosing instead to save myself, so that the next time around isn’t simply a by-product of my current discomfort.

That’s the true lesson here, right? That through great discomfort comes great strength. You feel stuck in glue long enough that it’s no longer humanly possible to be stuck in glue. So you make a change. You make a decision. You pull one leg out of the sticky mess and then the other. 

The last stage of grief is acceptance, and I’m warming up to the idea that I’ve arrived. Finally. And what I’ve realized more than anything else lately is that I don’t need anyone else to save me, help me, love me, or do the work of taking away my pain for me. I need myself. It’s like the Russian-doll version of me that sits within my soul has finally been opened up, and I’m seeing myself clearly for the first time in a while.

Recognizing that at times you must choose yourself over everything and everyone else so that you can get back to a place of opening your arms up wide to embrace the world is a powerful thing. After 8 months of seemingly constant sorrow, I’ve made the choice for myself to put my pain behind me. What a relief it is.

And with that decision comes more decisions. Exciting ones, ones that feel uplifting, and empowering, and confidence-building. What shall I dare to decide upon next?!

Surprisingly enough, one of those decisions has been to put dating on hold for the time being. I’m freezing my proverbial subscription to love til 2018. I even deleted my dating apps, you guys. That is some serious cord-cutting right there. And can I tell you something – I’m excited about it. Happy even, with my decision. Fuck, I feel like I’m coming into my twenties again, the first time in my life I made real decisions without being fearful of the consequences. I don’t feel afraid anymore – to be alone, or put myself first, or say NO to that upcoming first-date on Thursday that already feels exhausting in every way.

Turns out that there’s a difference between loneliness and being alone. You control your loneliness, and you’re only lonely if you don’t consider yourself to be very good company. Trust me, it’s taken ages to reach this point of enlightenment, where I alone am simply good enough to be around.

So, if you’ve texted me or called and I haven’t hit you back yet, I apologize. I hope you read my blog, lols. It’s just that I’ve figured out finally what it is that I’m supposed to be doing right now: making me my own priority.


  1. Love this, Lo! I had a similar enlightening experience after a heartbreaking potential relationship ended late last fall. I spent months healthily grieving and learning so much about myself in the process. Just as I had gotten to the point that I was completely in love and happy with myself and who I was, a relationship came along that has blossomed over the last several months. While I am so incredibly happy now in this relationship, I’m happiest in knowing that the true root of my happiness comes from the knowledge that I’m not only loved by another but truly loved by myself and that, if it came down to it, I would leave the current relationship I’m in if it ceased to bring me love and joy. For me, this realization has never left once I achieved the self-love milestone (as I’ve coined it) and I hope it doesn’t for you. Xo

  2. So proud of you! Thanks for honestly sharing your experience. I have felt that premature exhaustion before a date too and just took my own hiatus from the apps. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything. Do you, Lo!!!

  3. You go girl! I’m going through the same thing right now, thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only on going through this. ❤️

  4. Great article! Sometimes you need to be with yourself instead of starting something new with another person. Hope 2018 brings you more joy and happiness 🙂

  5. First time taking the time to post a comment on a blog but this article truly deserve it! I recognized myself reading it and really love the fact you share your story in a such constructive way. Keep going Lo, I enjoy so much your contents! Love from France. O

  6. Thank you! I feel the same way I know exactly how you’re feeling! Work on yourself and everything else will fall into place!

  7. I also have never commented on a blog but I just wanted to say thank you for your powerful and beautiful words. They really hit home, as I am in the same space and have been constabulary wondering if there really is anyone out there for me after experiencing so many heartbreaks.
    Then it hit me, yes, for now there is. And it’s just me. That will do for now.

  8. Bravo! I am newly single – again – after a two year relationship that followed a ten-year relationship ending in divorce. For the first time in my life – at the age of 40 – I feel comfortable in my skin, with who I am, and with the idea of getting to know Ann without a man. It’s been a complete mind shift where before I would’ve had someone waiting in the wings. Not this time. On top of everything, I have a beautiful son with autism. And I’m deciding he’s my priority for the time being, as well as myself.

  9. Thank you for this, it resonated so deeply with me. I’ve used dating to distract myself when feeling lonely, to seek completion and validation when I feel inadequate – and I just came to realize that any relationship I got into with those motivations would be unfulfilling and never feel right.
    I too am excited for the break, and to get to know myself (the good, the bad and the ugly).

  10. so grateful that you shared this because it reflects exactly how I feel right now. how are you feeling now that the new year has come 🙂 ?

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