How To: Start Your Own Cookbook Club!


My friend Hannah is such a muse. A few weeks ago she suggested we start our own Cookbook Club amongst our pals that love to cook and eat. I immediately said YES without hesitation or understanding the details, and found myself a part of what is now my new favorite social event. I love the idea so much I’ve decided to get started on building a Cookbook Club #community – if you’re curious, you can sign up here to stay notified on what’s happening over there. It’s still a work in progress but I’m thinking it would be really cool to share book suggestions, other club’s dinner parties through photos and recipes, your original recipes, and more stuff I haven’t thought of yet as the idea grows. Feel free to contribute your thoughts.

For the many of you who inquired on my personal Instagram as to what Cookbook Club is and how it works, here’s the deal: 

1. Gather your friends that love to cook or are willing to learn. Also gather your friends who don’t like to cook but know how to bring wine to dinner.

2. Select a cookbook that you all love. My friends and I picked the “Gjelina” cookbook first from the fab restaurant in Venice, CA.

3. Choose which recipe you want to make from said cookbook. It may be a good idea to divvy up categories to different folks but you can organize however you wish.

4. Bring that dish(es) to your Cookbook Club party, coming with an enormous appetite depending on how many people participate. Everyone eats all the foods, drinks all the drinks, and has so much fun.

– pretty easy, and so fun – right?!


My friends and I chose a few selections of dishes across different categories from the "Gjelina"cookbook, and I made the Arugula and Raddichio Salad with Crispy Shallots and the Mushroom Toast y'all went bananas over on my Instagram Story. LDP went with the Braised Fava Beans and Rye Rags with Sausage, Mushroom and Fennel. Hannah chose Grilled Summer Squash, Za'tar & Cherry Tomato Confit along with Roasted Yams with Honey, Espelette, and Lime Yogurt.

We gathered together during Game 7 of the World Series to watch my precious L.A. Dodgers play the Houston Astros. Though we didn't win the game, we did win DINNER. It was so incredibly delicious, and felt like a special gathering as we bonded over the creation of our recipes and the creative time spent together. Everyone I've spoken to about Cookbook Club wants to join or start one of their own. I'm also going to start a chapter in Los Angeles with my pals there.

 The fruits of our labor...
The fruits of our labor...
 Rye Rags with Sausage, Mushroom, and Fennel made by LDP.
Rye Rags with Sausage, Mushroom, and Fennel made by LDP.
 Arugula and Raddicio Salad with Crispy Shallots
Arugula and Raddicio Salad with Crispy Shallots
  Grilled Summer Squash, Za'tar & Cherry Tomato Confit
Grilled Summer Squash, Za'tar & Cherry Tomato Confit
 Roasted Yams with Honey, Espelette, and Lime Yogurt
Roasted Yams with Honey, Espelette, and Lime Yogurt

Drooling yet? We were too, don't worry. I absolutely LOVED participating in Cookbook Club and I'm so excited to spread it around with more friends and family. Have any thoughts on which cookbook we should cook from next? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Of course, I can recommend 7 fires of Francis Mallmann (if the guests like meats) With excellent photographs, Mallmann illustrates technique after technique, including the grill, clay oven and its most audacious method: the inferno, a system of two fires, one on top of the other, with a cooking floor between them, in which you can prepare, for example, a whole salmon to salt at its perfect point Some of its specialties are: the Patagonian lamb crushed with herbs and lemon preserves; the trout in its crispy potato crust; the boneless pork meat with honey gremolata and the salad of whole Andean squash with mint, rocket and goat cheese; besides an infallible formula to make the glorious empanadas. Each recipe has been tested to ensure its success among diverse audiences: the most knowledgeable, simple amateurs, experienced rotisseries or first timers. As it is not always possible to cook outdoors, there are variants for almost all recipes at home.
    Another great kitchen is Narda lepes, has recipes in her book, meats, fish, pasta and vegetarians. Another great kitchen is Narda lepes, has recipes in her book, meats, fish, pasta and vegetarians. his book is to eat and have a good time.
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