How Traveling Translates Into Self-Care


Eat, Pray, Love was a hit not because Julia Roberts is the cutest; it was a hit because of the recognition in all of us of our basic human needs for loving affection, rest, adventure, delight, independence, and ya, delicious pasta. Deny it if you want to, call it an extravagance, but the reality is that packing your bags and hitting the road is a practice in wellness that no spin class can match.

Think about it: when you go, what drives you? We may not spell it out often enough, but the reality is that to travel is an attempt to fill a hole, or enrich your soul, or overcome a fear.

For me, at least, in 2018 that’s what I’m attempting to do, and often. I set the resolution in January to get out of town once a month, whether the journey takes me 2 hours away to Palm Springs or around the world to the Maldives.

For me, I traveled often in a previous relationship and haven’t done a ton of it since. Why? Fear, maybe? Not totally sure, but I know that I want to reclaim traveling for myself as something that can be fulfilling for me on a personal level and not just an indicator of #relationshipgoals. Being well in the brain is equally important as being well in your physical body.

My first trip of the year? Costa Rica! I just got back, and will be doing a full guide on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. Stay posted!

Next month? Colombia. April? Tulum. Beyond that – I’m open to suggestions so leave your comments below, BBs!



  1. Ireland! I went last year and fell. in. love. I have a slough of suggestions as far as specific spots to hit but really, you can’t go wrong. This country speaks to the brooding, whistful, Nora Jones-esque, romantic in us all. How could it not? Lush scenery, history, comfort food, and the ever so sexy, yet quirky Irish accent. Delicious!

  2. Vietnam! One of the best places to explore, eat TONS of delicious food (explore markets and take cooking classes) and even get some cute new clothes made. Hoi an should be at the top of your list 🙂

  3. How ones you left NYC? You talked so much about your new space and did an apartment tour and then abruptly left. What happened yo you’re place there..was so cute and well done!?

  4. I couldn’t agree more. The most unique and incredible trip I’ve take is to the Galápagos Islands. I’ve never been more in the moment than when I was snorkeling with sea lions, penguins, sea turtles and 1,000s of fish. Beyond incredible.

  5. Can’t wait for your guide on Costa Rice, l plan to travel there later this year. My favorite places to travel were Sardinia in Italy, Crete in Greece, Jordan and Egypt. On my bucket list are Tanzania, Oman and Capri in Italy. If only money grew on trees…
    Love from Germany!

  6. Corsica, France that Wuld be just awesome. There not lots of info online about it from young people like us!

  7. Who do you travel with when you go? I always want to go, but I’m single and kind of afraid to go alone.

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