I’m sure that some of you may be convinced that the best way to motivate yourself back into the swing of things at work and in life after a long holiday weekend is by getting up real early for a workout, drinking 3 cups of bullet proof coffee before you head out the door, and by making sure to schedule a client dinner on Day 1.

This sounds inspired in theory, but I find that taking the exact opposite approach when you need to get your hustle on after a weekend of BBQ and beers actually works better. When you practice self-love and care, you’ll find yourself genuinely motived to slay rather than forcing it and barely making it through the first few days back. So, allow me to present you with my alternative perspective on how to motive to get moving on all things Love Wellness after a holiday weekend…

Sleep In

Your body and brain need sleep and rest after powering through what was possibly a weekend filled with parties, food, and booze. I’m not saying you should sleep in so much that you arrive to work late, but choose to disregard your morning routine just a bit in order to get an extra 15/30/60 minutes of sleep. If you always get up early to hit the gym, just skip it! Sometimes your body needs rest just as much as it needs exercise.

Treat Yourself

Go to your favorite cafe on your way to the office or to school. Order your favorite warm beverage. Eat a croissant. Be nice to yourself. You’ll be way less irritable. I promise.

Take a Walk At Lunch

Just because you skip 6am spin class doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your body moving. Take a nice stroll outside during your lunch break to get the blood moving, your endorphins flowing, and to make that post-meal slump a little less painful. This walk will save you come 330pm when you have a few more hours of work to do, but little desire to get anything accomplished outside of watching 25 puppy memes.

Don’t Stay Late

Remember, we’re easing back into the week. If you have a ton of work to do, just bring it home with you and do it on the couch in your pajamas while you re-watch the first episode of The Bachelorette. If you can show your boss that you can get it all done, even from home, they’ll always be more inclined to let you pop out when you want to.

Plan The Next Day

Before you leave the office for the day, allow yourself to indulge in a little list-making (call me crazy, but I think making a list is fun) to prepare for the next day. Schedule that work-out, make sure you have the ingredients for your green juice prepared, and plan that third date. I think you’ll find that after the laid-back day you’ve had, you’ll be straight up jazzed to jump back in with clear eyes, and a full heart.  You can’t lose! (p.s. if you don’t get this reference pls don’t speak to me until you do).