It’s that crazy time of year again when we stress out over schedules, airfares, luggage, gifts, diet and exercise! AHH it’s enough to drive you crazy but it doesn’t have to! It’s mind over matter baby and I’ve got some tips to help you have one less thing to stress out about during the holiday season.

Traveling. The word alone gives me anxiety but I’ve finally figured out ways to help ease the process for me and make it an enjoyable experience.

First things first, just breathe. Before heading out on your long or short journey home or wherever you destination may be, take a few moments to meditate and relax. Taking a few deep breaths can really help to calm your mind and help you think clearly- trust me this is useful when making sure you don’t leave anything behind.

Speaking of leaving things behind, make a check list! Write down a list of everything you’ll be needing for your trip and start checking them off once you have it packed or in your handbag ready to go! This is honestly one of the best old school ways to ensure you don’t forget your passport or favorite moisturizer!

Leave early. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to where you’re going just in case anything unexpected happens along the way(i.e. traffic, THE WORST!!) I rather be super early and relaxed than rushing and stressed!

Pack healthy snacks!! We all know the airport literally has no healthy food options or if they happen to have a packet of raw almonds available it costs an arm and a leg so to prevent from reaching for the fast food, pack a few granola bars and fruits to snack on! I know it can be a bit tricky with what you can and can’t take with you through TSA so I also suggest making sure you eat right before heading to the airport. Oatmeal, lean protein and TONS of water are all great examples of what you should eat pre-flight while sugar, alcohol and salty snacks are all things you should avoid-save the wine for when you arrive and can unwind!

Freshen Up. Am I the only one that feels gross during a travel day?! It doesn’t matter if I’m on a 5 hour flight or just a 2 hour car ride once I get in I have to immediately shower but sometimes life happens and we don’t always get that luxury so we must prepare! I personally love carrying around cleansing wipes with me, they’re easy to pack and no fuss at all! The do it all wipes from Love Wellness are my go-to, I just toss them in my bag and I’m able to freshen up and give myself a cleansing pick-me-up on the go!

Dress comfortably.  Say YASSSS to leggings and sneakers! Now is your time to rock your dope athleisure look and be cozy AF while you travel. Comfort is key to having a relax, successful travel day, plus if you’re wearing your running shoes you’ll be more inclined to actually get a workout in wherever you go!

I’d love to hear what your essential travel tips are as well but hopefully some of these will not only be useful for your upcoming holiday travels but for all of your future adventures as well!!