Got Goals? Set Them & Slay Them!


There’s no better way to look forward to the future than by setting some goals to accomplish!

When I first decided to start my business, Love Wellness, it was because it was something I just could not stop thinking about! Since it was the only thing on my mind I took it as a sign that I should take a leap of faith and just say “F#ck it!” and go for it! Now realistically, before I could actually GO for it I had to make a list of goals in order to organize myself and see what I actually had to do to be able to achieve what I had my heart set out on for so long.

I know many of you have something(s) you thought you could only dream of having but let me tell you it’s amazing what the universe (and hard work) can do when you set your intentions and start focusing on exactly what you want. I’m definitely no expert in goal setting but I’d love to share with you guys what has worked for me when it comes to turning your thoughts into reality.

Know What You Want & When You Want It

Being specific when setting your goals will help to provide the direction you need in order to achieve them. If you dream of having your own blog you can’t just say “I want to start a blog”, you have to specify what the content of your blog will be about and when you’d like to get started – “ I will start my Travel blog on January 20.” Setting a date/amount for your goals will help hold you accountable for them by measuring your degree of success, so you better make sure you can check off that bullet point when that date comes around!

Pen To Paper

Writing down your goals is essential to achieving them! Actually putting pen to paper and seeing your goals written down makes them feel real and are a constant reminder of what you have planned for yourself. When writing down your goals make sure to frame them in a positive way. For example, if your long term goal is to own a business don’t write down “I would like to own a beauty salon.”, instead put “I WILL own a beauty salon.” Have some confidence and power behind those statements and make sure to post them in visible places to help you keep the focus!

Keep It Relevant

Goal setting is not just writing down a few statements on paper. As you find yourself checking off goals from your list you must continuously review your goals to see if they really are helping you to get to your end destination or if there is some tweaking that needs to be done. Trust me guys, life throws a lot of curve balls at us so you will more than likely find along the way that there is always room for things to be added or taken off your list. Make sure that all of your short term goals are relevant and necessary to reaching your long term ones!

These tips may seem simple enough for attaining your goals but it’s really all about putting the work in to achieve them! You’ve got your short term, long term, realistic and somewhat “crazy” goals, all of which are important to your sanity and making shit happen, so make sure that whatever they are you SET them and SLAY them babes!!

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