7 Tips On How To Eat Healthy Without Breakin’ The Bank!


“It’s so cheap to eat healthy!” – said no one ever! Fast food restaurants really make eating healthy appear to be super pricey with their “healthier” food options such as salads being priced at about $9 while their cheeseburger combos are around $5! Even certain nutrition plans and markets give off the impression that you have to buy expensive organic foods but in reality there are tons of ways you can live a healthier lifestyle and on a budget at that!

It definitely takes a lot of research and finding what works for you but I’m here to help you all live a healthier life so I’m sharing the love and sharing some easy tips I’ve learned along my journey of eating healthier without breaking the bank!

1. It’s Ok To Be Basic

Believe it or not the most basic foods are not only cost-effective but the best for you! Some of these include: sweet potato, zucchini, chickpeas, carrots, eggs, oats, brown rice, wholemeal pasta and minced meat and tuna!

2. Plan

I for one am all about having a game plan so before I even step foot out my door to go grocery shopping,I’ll look up the two grocery stores I tend to go to most and compare their prices! I usually check to see if they’re having any weekly specials, see what I can buy in bulk to help cut cost and from there I’ll decide where I can save more money! It’s also a good idea to check out your local farmers’ market since their produce is often cheaper! Even though it’s a bit inconvenient, I’ll buy the majority of my groceries at the store and pick up some produce at the farmer’s market!(Union Square Greenmarket in NYC is my fav.!) Sometimes making two stops saves your more money than buying everything at one place so just make sure to plan ahead!

3. Get Creative

This goes hand in hand with planning because before heading to the grocery store it’s a good idea to first check your pantry and fridge for what you have before you unnecessarily go shopping for more! Take a good look at the ingredients you have and get creative with your recipes! Have fun with it, who knows you may chef up a random new recipe that people absolutely love!

4. Leftovers Are Your New Best Friend

Say HELL YES to leftovers! Not only do leftovers save you money but they save you time as well! Be sure to always cook extra for dinner that way you have for lunch the following day! Freezing your leftovers also helps them to last longer so if you know you’re not going to have much time to cook the following days then go ahead and cook a bunch before your busy schedule!

5. Freeze Fruit

I feel like one of the main reasons why eating healthier is associated with being pricey is because fresh fruit and vegetables do go bad quickly so you often times find yourself going back to buy more BUT freezing your fruit makes them last a whole hell of a lot longer and they double as ice for your smoothies! Make sure to peel your fruit before putting them in the freezer!

6. DIY

Who doesn’t love a good Do It Yourself project?! You can save loads of money by making your own almond milk, nut butters, even your own dips of choice such as hummus! Once again it’s all about getting creative and making what you actually enjoy! DIY is also ideal for growing your own herbs/veggies! Save money and start a new hobby at the same time!

7. Substitute Protein Powder

If protein powder is how you achieve your daily intake of protein then your pocket is more than likely taking a huge hit every month! If you tend to add protein to your smoothies, try substituting it for some greek yogurt or nut butter instead!

  I hope these tips help you with your healthier lifestyle journey! If you guys have any other tips on how to eat healthy on a budget please share!!

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