Hi Everyone!! With such a busy schedule my friends are constantly asking me how the hell I can survive my days without caffeine and honestly it’s not as hard as you think! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely let myself enjoy a cup of coffee every once in a while,some mornings are so hard to get up for that a cup of joe is almost a necessity but I’ve found I have tons more energy when I ditch the café .

Besides the fact that I save tons of money skipping a Starbuck’s run every day, there are plenty of other benefits to being caffeine free.

Improved Sleep

The main reason we even drink coffee in the morning is to help wake us up for our day but did you know that consuming caffeine regularly actually affects your sleep?? You probably did, that’s why you try not to drink it in the evenings but either way, daily intake of coffee can alter your sleep cycle which translates into restless nights and drowsy mornings. And we all know what lack of sleep causes right? A grumpy human whose mood is not to be messed with until they’ve had their morning coffee. Isn’t it a drag to have to rely on caffeine in order to feel better?!

Lower Blood Pressure

Due to its stimulatory effect on the nervous system, caffeine raises your blood pressure levels a.k.a. it makes your heart work pretty hard so reducing your caffeine intake can help to give your precious heart a little break.

Decreased Anxiety

I decided to start drinking less coffee when I noticed I would get anxious after every cup. I just thought it was in all my head, which technically it was because I learned that caffeine stimulates the neuron activity in our brain which then stimulates the adrenal glands. Less coffee (caffeine in general) = less anxious.

Better Absorption Of Nutrients

Tannins found in coffee can impede some of the absorption of important nutrients our body needs such as iron, calcium and B vitamins so if you don’t want to have to take extra supplements in order to get all of these necessary nutrients then reducing your caffeine intake will help your body to properly absorb them!

Healthier Teeth

Now as for our aesthetics, coffee is no bueno because it stains your teeth while acidic energy drinks & sodas erode your tooth enamel which can cause tooth decay. No thanks!!

Better Skin

That’s right ladies, you will see a difference in your skin when you say bye bye to caffeine! Caffeine decreases collagen synthesis in your skin and aren’t we always trying to make sure our skin has enough collagen?! Supplements and other skin care products aren’t going to do much for that if we’re basically interfering with collagen formation by drinking caffeine.

Don’t worry guys, no one is expecting you to quit caffeine cold turkey, it’s still ok to have in moderation (1 cup of coffee before 10 AM is ok if you absolutely need it) but there are plenty of alternatives for you to try in order to break your caffeine habit.


Water is honestly the best remedy for EVERYTHING. As soon as you wake up drink at least 1 huge glass of water to kick start your hydration, trust me, it will help you to feel more alert and it’ll boost your metabolism! Tip: squeeze some lemon in there for added flavor & benefits!

Peppermint Tea

If you’re looking for a mid-day pick me up, then opt for some peppermint tea! It helps to improve brain function by making you more alert and even has memory enhancing effects! Peppermint tea is also great for healthy digestion!

Green Vegetable Juices/Smoothies

Kill two birds with one stone by simply getting your greens!! Making a juice or smoothie filled with essential greens such as spinach, kale, cucumber, celery and green apple will not only provide you with necessary antioxidants and nutrients such as iron but it’ll help to give you a serious boost of energy!


Matcha is hands down my favorite alternative to coffee! The amino acid,L-theanine,that it contains helps to improve concentration and memory and it’s also a great immunity booster! Try making this 30 seconds Matcha Recipe at home and you’ll be on your way to boosting your metabolism, relaxing the mind and feeling better!