I’m always on a quest to find new skin care products that cater to sensitive,stressed skin. I’m particularly intrigued by all natural, cruelty free, vegan skin care lines and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many are available on the market now!

With something as personal as our skin…and its many moods (from glowin’ to break out real quick!),it’s important to find products that we can work into our daily skin care routine to help put our best face forward 24/7!

Dryness, dullness,redness..pretty much all the “-ness’ “ are the issues I deal with the most and this winter season has my skin super sensitive and EXTRA thirsty! So, I thought now is as good as time as ever to try some face masks from some of the brands I’ve had on my radar! Remember, just like the seasons, our skin has evolving needs so don’t be afraid to switch up your product line up and find some new additions!

Alright lets get to the good stuff beauties!

R+R Mask Summer Fridays

Magical effects in a rose gold tube, that’s what this baby is! As soon as the gel consistency came out I was mesmerized by the ground wild rose powder that gently exfoliated my skin while all of the oils such as argan, grape seed, avocado, sesame and safflower nourished my skin back to life! Oh and the rose scent?! LOVE.

Arctic Breeze Rescue Mask Snow Fox Skin Care.

Who knew that to help soothe my irritated skin all I had to do was add a little Arctic Breeze to it?!This sheet mask seriously lived up to its name and worked wonders on my sensitive skin! It contains Organic Peppermint Water (a natural antimicrobial that helps protect from breakouts),Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (helps to heal the skin with minimal scarring) and Wakame Seaweed (rich in antioxidants that help to repair and soothe). As soon as I put it on I felt a nice cooling sensation and the peppermint water made it smell absolutely amazing!! It was a refreshing 20 minutes and my skin instantly felt hydrated!

Cacao Antioxidant Mask – Josh Rosebrook

I desperately wanted to try a mask that could help with stimulating circulation and what better ingredient than cacao?! It not only stimulates circulation but also helps to brighten, firm and protect the skin! This mask literally contains all of nature’s finest ingredients intended for soothing, firming, moisturizing, and treating the skin for basically all of its needs! Oh and don’t be alarmed if your skin is pretty red after use, that’s just reflecting an increase in blood circulation!

Synergie Masque -Odacité

Ooh man guys this is a good one! This mask works a little different than most since it’s a powder activated when you mix with water but the cool part is you can actually “supercharge” each of the 4 synergies (Detox, Peel, Brighten & Firm) with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! For example, I wanted to boost detoxification so I just added a little bit of apple cider vinegar but if you wanted to brighten and reduce the appearance of brown spots you would add organic milk! How dope is that?!

Do you guys have any favorite masks you’ve used lately?! Please share!