Whether You Celebrate Solo, With Your Significant Other Or With Your Girls, Give The Gift Of Self-Care This Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day…you either hate it or you love it, there really is no in between! I personally feel like too many people get hung up on the Hallmark ideal of this holiday- there’s the pressure of what to get your significant other, the gray area of “I don’t know what we are, do I buy them a gift or nah?” and then there’s the whole “I’m single, this day is so lame” aspect of it as well. You want to know what I think about February 14th? I think of it as just another day to show yourself and those you appreciate most a little extra lovin’!

There are about a million different things you can gift your bae, your girlfriends ( I love me a fun Galentine’s night!) and even yourself on Valentine’s but there’s no better gift than that of self-care so I’ve come up with a few wellness related gifts you can give your loved ones this upcoming holiday!


Wine & Dine At Home. Don’t even bother dealing with making reservations on Valentine’s Day, restaurants get way too crowded, there are insane wait times and if you do manage to get a table you end up spending way too much money! Avoid the headache and opt for a night in instead! Whether you want to surprise them with dinner or would rather cook together, try making something you’ve never attempted before and have fun with it! Not sure what to chef up?? I recently made an Italian inspired White Bean and Tomato Chickpea Pasta With Fresh Herbs that tasted ridiculously good and it’s the perfect dish to go with your favorite bottle of wine!

Shapehouse Gift Certificate. Give the gift of sweat! Ok, that sounds kind of icky BUT why not get in a good sweat sesh together?! You’ll both leave feeling recharged, relaxed and your endorphins will be flowing!

Weekend Get Away. There’s probably no better way to practice self-care than to actually get away and escape all of the stresses in the world..even if it’s just for a weekend! If you do your research you can actually plan a fun, relaxing trip without breaking the bank! This is a great opportunity for you and your babe to decompress and spend some good quality time together.


Love Wellness, New Routine Kit. This is the ultimate “I care for you!” gift for your gals! This kit is going to seriously help your girls out in every aspect of their lives. You’ve got your #Mood Pills supplement to boost your mood, the Lean Queen which helps manage your metabolism, Lights Out to improve sleep, Do It All Wipes (travel size) to keep you fresh on the go (great for post-workout) and it also includes The Killer which is amazing for your vaginal health. ALL the ladies in your life need this kit ASAP!

Mani/Pedi. Ahh a classic. Whether you make a day of it and join your bestie for a well deserved mani & pedi to catch up or she enjoys it solo, you can NEVER go wrong with a mani/pedi!

Celebrate You Self-Care Set. I recently came across this set from Maggie Wu and decided all my girls needed it! It includes a Rose Quartz Facial Roller and an Amed Eye Mask. It’s the perfect duo for traveling!

Me, Myself & I

Massage/Facial. Girl, you’ve been working hard, show yourself a little love and relieve some stress with a full body massage and while you’re at it get your glow on with a nice facial!

Dark Chocolate. If you’re not one to really make a big deal out of treating yourself but love all those heart shaped candy boxes then do yourself a favor and grab some dark chocolate on your way home from work! Dark chocolate is the healthier alternative and it pairs well with wine! 😉

Retail Therapy. This doesn’t necessarily mean go spend thousands of dollars and worry about all the money you spent later,that totally defies the wellness part of this gift.LOL Just buy yourself a new lipstick color you’ve been wanting to try or even book a workout class your friends have been dying for you to go to. Go on babe, gift yourself a little somethin’…you deserve it!!

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