President’s Day is just around the corner which means another 3 day weekend is upon us! Instead of filling up your schedule with social events and more to-do lists, how about you take advantage of your days off to just chill the f#ck out??

I like to think of longer weekends as mini vacations where I can either catch up with friends or go for a trip but I also like to utilize them to slow things down a bit and recharge. You might be surprised but doing the most basic things can help you get the R&R you need in order to keep the grind going the following week.


This might sound a little crazy but whenever I have free time I like to de-clutter and reorganize any messes I may have around the house. It’s honestly calming for me to get everything in order and get rid of whatever isn’t necessary in my life anymore. Which reminds me, have you guys seen the new Netflix TV Series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo?! OMG, I’m OBSESSED with Marie and her KonMari method for clearing out the clutter in our lives,the way she folds t-shirts & jeans to put them in drawers is such a game changer!

Practice Your Favorite Self-Care Rituals

Lets be real, having a day fully dedicated to taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to relax and feel rejuvenated for the week. My self-care rituals typically consist of doing a hair mask, face mask, taking a long bath, meditating, getting some type of workout in and if I’ve really had A WEEK,I’ll treat myself to a mani/pedi as well! Another one of my rituals is switching to Airplane Mode! Disconnecting from all technology for a bit is a great way to put all of your focus towards decompressing-your inbox can wait ’til Monday!

Do Nothing

And I do mean, absolutely nothing. Lay on your coach, read a good book, watch that documentary you’ve been wanting to see, take a nap in the middle of the day…just be.

However you decide to spend your weekends, make sure you take another note from Marie Kondo and do whatever sparks joy in your life, this is key in living a stress-free (somewhat at least) life.

What are some other ways you like to enjoy your weekends?Share in the comments below!