Where I Like to Chillax & Treat Myself In NYC!


Although I practice self-care daily, I think we all have one day out of the week where we go all out with our self-care routines. My “Lo day” usually consists of a long hot bath (bath bomb included of course), a nice face mask, full body exfoliation, applying a hair conditioning mask, cooking a delicious dinner, pouring myself a glass of wine…pretty much THE WORKS but every so often I like to switch up my self-care day for a TREAT YO’SELF day where I’ll go the extra mile and really show myself some love by either getting pampered at my favorite spa or drinking a yummy latte while getting my nails done.

Whether you live in NYC or are in town for a visit, check out some of my fav. places to go to when I want to be a little extra and spoil myself!

First stop on the list is Chillhouse

Chillhouse is a café/spa where you can get a dope mani while sippin’ on one of their wellness lattes-my personal favorite is the “Chill Me Out Latte” which contains lavender and ashwaganda! They also offer a variety of massage packages so no matter what service you’re looking for, you’re bound to leave this Lower East Side chill spot feelin’ cute and relaxed!

Y7 Studio

Working out is one of my favorite ways to treat myself and give back to my body! Y7 has quickly become an addiction of mine because I get to do a Vinyasa flow along to the beats of Hip Hop music! You walk in and the room is heated (80-90 degress), dimly lit with candles and there are no mirrors which I love because it really gives me the opportunity to focus on connecting my mind and body and not what I look like while doing it. There are nothing but good vibes when you walk in and I walk out feeling stronger and more badass than ever!

Great Jones Spa

The beach has always been my favorite place to go to relax,there’s nothing like hearing the sounds of the ocean waves crashing along the shore to really allow you to stop and take a moment to appreciate the little things. Unfortunately, living in NYC there aren’t too many beaches to escape to nor is the winter weather much motivation for heading out to the water anyways therefore I had to find an alternative and that is the Great Jones Spa! At Great Jones they believe water has the power to cure which is right up my alley! You can spend the day in their Water Lounge where you can hop in the sauna for a little sweat detox then jump in the jacuzzi to relax and if you’re feeling brave, take a dip in their cold plunge pool to feel rejuvenated…all while listening to the flowing sounds of their 3 story indoor waterfall! It’s genuinely such a cool and refreshing experience!


If you didn’t already know this, NYC is LOUD..like extremely noisey, 24/7,365. Don’t get me wrong, I live off of this city’s energy and vibrancy but sometimes a girl needs some silence! When I find that I can’t even get a little piece and quiet in my apartment, I like to visit MNDFL where I can really chillax, meditate and be with my thoughts. The cool part about MNDFL is that you can either book a cushion for yourself or you can take a class which is still in silence but they are guided for specific needs such as improving your energy, emotions, sleep, breathing and more!

Aire Ancient Baths

Now THIS is where I go to really spoil myself! Aire is the ultimate luxurious experience with its Roman bathhouse decor, it’s honestly like stepping into a whole different world when you walk in there. They have everything from candlelit thermal baths at different temperatures to heated marble stones and my favorite experience? The Red Wine Experience of course!! What sounds better than soaking in Spanish red grapes while getting a scalp massage and full body massage accompanied with antioxidant-rich grape seed oil? NOTHING! lol Now this service is obviously a little pricey so I don’t treat myself to it often but damn is it worth it when I do!

Where are some of your favorite places to go when you want to spoil yourself?! Share with me in the comments below!

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