CBD Is Officially Part Of The Love Wellness Family & I’m Stoked About It!


Hey loves!! If you’ve been keeping up with me then you know Love Wellness launched CBD products for it’s newest Timeout Collection this past Tuesday at Chillhouse in NYC and I am still on such a high (zero-THC of course) from it! 

I’ve been a fan of CBD and all of its healing properties for some time now so as soon as the 2018 Farm Bill passed making zero-THC CBD legal in all 50 states I knew I had to kick it into high gear and create some products for all my LW babes! 

If you’re unsure of what exactly is the difference between CBD & THC, then let me help break it down for you! Basically, both are cannabinoids that come from cannabis plants but CBD is derived from a hemp species whereas THC is acquired from the cannabis species known as marijuana. Yes, both have similar health benefits (reduce stress, relieve pain, sleep aid) but the main distinction between them is that THC is psychoactive, which makes you high, and CBD is non-psychoactive so you get the benefits without feeling stoned. 

Ok so now to the good part…the products!! The Timeout collection consists of 3 items: CBD Bath Salts, CBD Supplement and CBD Oil Tincture-no matter how you prefer to take in your daily dose of CBD, there’s a little bit of something for everyone! 

For all of my #seriousbathers, the CBD Bath Salts are an absolute MUST! They’re formulated with Eucalyptus & Jojoba Oil so there’s no way you won’t be feeling calmer and more relaxed as soon as you step into your well deserved bath. Whenever I have an intense workout or am feeling a little achier than usual, this is my go-to method to relieving any pain or stress I’ve put my body through. 

If you’re more of an “on the go” type of gal or just look to find relief as quickly as possible then the CBD Oil Tincture is definitely for you! With just one dropper full, you’ll start to feel the healing  effects almost immediately. I personally love adding the oil to my teas, lattes & smoothies, which reminds me…S/O to Chillhouse in NYC for making delicious CBD drinks during our launch, the “Timeout Tea” was hands down my favorite with ingredients such as Chamomile Tea, Lavender, Lemon, Honey, Cayenne and of course our tincture! 

For all of my night owls that need a little extra help falling asleep at night,the CBD Supplement is the way to go! Not only will CBD help to quiet your mind but the addition of magnesium into the formula will help to relax your muscles, reduce stress and help you catch up on your Zs. 

I still can’t get over how excited I am about this new collection and I’m especially proud of my team for helping me to make the best quality CBD products that will cater to our consumers and their needs to feel healthy,not high! 

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