Do you remember when we were kids and argued with our parents to let us stay up longer?? Well, as time passes by I find myself regretting not getting those precious extra hours of sleep in while I could-between product launches and trying to have a social life, I find it to be more of a struggle now than ever to get my necessary Z’s in. 

Trouble getting my mind to finally rest at night is one of the reasons why I created the Lights Out supplement for Love Wellness. Not to toot my own brand’s horn or anything, but this pill is like magic-with just one pill before bedtime each night my mind and body are immediately relaxed and ready to get a good night’s sleep. 

I’m thankful that Love Wellness and our top selling products such as Good To Glow, Good Girl Probiotics, Bye Bye Bloat and #Mood Pills have gotten such a good response from our consumers but I was particularly happy when Jessica DeFino from Business Insider wrote an article on our products and highlighted Lights Out

“While it takes time to see real results from most vitamins, there’s one Love Wellness product that works almost instantaneously for me: Lights Out. The pre-bedtime pill is filled with natural magnesium, melatonin, and valerian root, and puts me out in, like, seconds. I usually require a glass of wine and a few episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” to lull me into a light, fitful sleep each night, but I’m overjoyed to report that’s no longer the case. A single dose of Lights Out really does it for me and is so much healthier than a serving of cabernet sauvignon, right?”

Part of taking care of ourselves is making sure we get adequate sleep,after all,I don’t know anyone who can truly function on just a few hours of sleep each night and not be grumpy(apologies to anyone to has witnessed lack of sleep Lo) so it’s important we stay in tune with our bodies and not be afraid to try different remedies in order to get the rest we need. I obviously prefer any and everything natural so whether it be a calming CBD infused tea or a single dose of Lights Out, don’t be afraid to try something new,find what works for you and get the beauty rest you deserve cause ain’t nobody got time to be tossin’ and turnin’ in bed when they’ve got shit to handle the next day, am I right?!