My Favorite Work Out Classes In NYC & LA


Alright y’all, as much as we may not enjoy doing it, working out is a huge part of self-care and although I know we all would rather pamper ourselves at the spa or treat ourselves to some retail therapy, keeping our bodies active is definitely a factor in leading a healthier, happier lifestyle! 

Whether you’re a total gym rat, like to do at home workouts or prefer taking classes, the key is to do whatever motivates and works for you with consistency! Personally, I’m a class kind of girl. I 100% NEED the motivation that comes from the instructor-they help push me to my limit and in a way help hold me accountable because if I’m paying for a class then I’m definitely going to make sure I get my money’s worth!

Luckily in both NYC and LA, I’ve been able to find classes that I absolutely love! From yoga to calisthenics, light weight sculpting, dance cardio and even EMS,I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my workout routine! 

The Class (NY & LA)

The Class by Taryn Toomey is EVERYTHING! This class helps me to not only feel stronger through physical conditioning but the movements we do also make me feel like I’ve become a little more graceful! The Class offers a variety of curated classes from cardio to restorative yoga and even a 20 minutes breath work and meditation practice class so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone! 


What can I say…it hurts so bad yet feels so good! The first time I tried EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) I was sore for a whole week! The crazy part is that this 1 on 1 workout is like getting a 90 minute workout in 20 minutes..yup, just 20 minutes! Basically, they give you a full body suit to wear (don’t expect to look cute ladies, just show up ready to work!LOL) that contains the EMS technology-your trainer is able to target specific areas you’d like to work that way your workout is more efficient! The sensation of the micro-contractions did freak me out a little at first but the fact that I could actually feel my muscles working and noticeably saw results,convinced me to add this to my workout routine even if it’s just once a week or twice a month! 

Y7 Yoga (NY & LA)

For some people, yoga is all about connecting your mind and body in silence, for me it’s about sweating shit out and becoming stronger all while listening to Hip-Hop music and Y7 does all of that for me! I’m definitely no pro at yoga so I appreciate that the room is completely dark besides for a few lit candles so no one is worried about looking at themselves in the mirror or judging your form! I also recommend this class for my girls that partied a little too hard the night before and are feeling a little guilty the next day…this is the best sweat sesh EVER! As sweaty and gross as I feel afterwards I also leave feeling extremely exhilarated and badass..even if I just laid in child’s pose for the majority of the class (remember,no judgements!)

Megan Roup-The Sculpt Society (NY)

If you’re in NYC and haven’t heard of Megan Roup’s classes at Project Equinox or Studio B then you are seriously missing out! The Sculpt Society is a high energy, dance cardio & light weight sculpting class that has quickly become a favorite of mine! She also offers a mat and bench class that are equally as challenging and fun! A few classes with Megan and you’re sure to feel leaner, stronger and empowered! I’ve also made a few new friends there so s/o to classes that turn into communities!! 

I love to switch up my class rotation and try new things so if you have any other workout class recommendations please comment below!! 

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