As much as I love getting a sun-kissed glow at the beach, I love protecting my skin even more which is I why I preach so much about using sunscreen daily.

I’ve been a long time fan/consumer of Supergoop but every now and then it’s good to switch it up which brings me to my latest find and newest obsession-Coola Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops! Not only does this sunscreen protect your skin outdoors but also where you might think you wouldn’t even need it…inside!

I bet you never really thought you’d have to worry about the harmful rays radiating off of your cell phone,laptop or TV huh?! Digital rays & digital overexposure are a thing guys!

I’m sure you’ve seen the many sponsored ads on Instagram for Blue Light Glasses-they’re a big trend in the market now,super cute & help block out blue light rays from your electronics. These are a fashionable way to deal with blue light & protect your precious eyes but it’s also very important to protect your complexion!

Coola’s, Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops is a vegan, lightweight formula that helps to reduce the effects of blue light and pollution. With supercharged antioxidants, plant derived actives, neroli flower extract and hyaluronic acid, your face is fully protected from HEV (high energy visible) Light which studies have shown can actually do more damage than UVA and UVB rays. Yikes!

Add this vital skin care step into your daily routine and be worry free knowing you’re protected no matter where you go!

BTW this is not an ad, I just really love this stuff and how light it feels on my face!