I was reminded that Earth Day is just a few days away, April 22 to be exact, and it got me thinking about all the ways we can have a more eco-friendly environment, including the way we do beauty. 

We all know the basics of recycling, not being wasteful with our water and carpooling to reduce our carbon footprint but did you know that consuming the right beauty products can also help to make an impact on our environment??

I’ve always looked for natural, organic ingredients when it comes to my skin care routine but with the alarming reality of global warming and pollution, I’ve made it a point to support eco-conscious beauty brands as another way of taking some type of action in protecting our planet. 

Along my clean beauty product journey, I’ve found quite a few brands that not only contain environment friendly ingredients but they’ve also taken it a few steps further by housing their products in biodegradable packaging! 

Below are just a few of the products you will find in my eco-friendly vanity!

Clarisonic Mia Smart

Before I started using Clarisonic, makeup wipes would be my preferred method of makeup removal but I quickly realized this was unnecessary waste I could remove from my life (& the world.) Not only does this nifty little device cleanse 6x better than just using my hands alone but it actually removes makeup 89% better than wipes! This baby has been a real game changer to say the least!!

Loli Plum Elixir

This Earth friendly serum seriously does it all! The 4 ingredient formula (pomegranate, tea seed oil, plum kernel oil, sea buckthorn) not only hydrates your skin, lips & hair but it’s waterless and sold in reusable glass jars in compostable packaging which equals zero waste! This superfood elixir not only gives me rejuvenated skin and shiny hair but knowing that I’m getting these benefits NOT at the cost of the environment gives me a little extra glow from the inside out! 

Tenoverten Rose Polish Remover

The smell of nail polish remover alone is enough to know you’re doing some serious harm to world but this non-toxic, acetone & paraben-free remover gets rid of the most stubborn polishes without all the harsh side effects of your average remover. It is a little pricier than your typical drug-store find but trust me it’s worth the investment! 

Snow Fox Makeup Blender

Beauty blenders! Everyone’s favorite way to apply their foundation right?! I for one love me a good blender but I’m also a freak about bacteria, especially when it comes to my skin so I find myself constantly tossing out my sponges after just a few uses (I know, I know, not very eco-conscious of me). Luckily, Snow Fox Skincare, a plant-based vegan skincare line,is here to help my bad habit by expanding their line for Earth Day with their new hygienic, eco-friendly, biodegradable makeup blender! My beauty routine just got a whole lot Earth friendlier! 

There are plenty of other clean beauty products on the market now but these are the most consistent in my daily routine therefore making them the most effective for an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Keep in mind that no action is too small, feel good about the products you are consuming while helping to protect our Earth!